Filters & Parts

Add-on Water Filters

You can use these filters either as an additional stage for pre/post RO filtration or as a stand-alone filter. Just pick your housing style (either under-the-counter or counter-top) and the necessary filter cartridge appropriate for the water problems you need to treat.

Standard 10" Water Filter Housings:

White Housing 10"

Under-counter housing with 1/4" quick-connect fittings.
Can host any industry standard sized 10" filters. Can be used to add additional stages before or after an RO system.

NSF Certified USFilter Housings



Specialty Filter Cartridges for Standard 10" Housings:
pH Acid Neutralizing Filter


Neutralizing filter to correct low pH acidity problems and to remove precipitated iron, can be used for post RO treatment

Commercial strengh 
Pleated Sediment Filter 10"

5 micron Pleated Sediment filter NSF, highest dirt holding capacity. For very heavy sediment conditions.

usually placed before 1st stage as RO pre-filtration



Premium Carbon Block Filter 10"

5 micron MatriKX
extruded activated carbon block filter. NSF certified.




Lead Removal Carbon Block Filter

0.5 micron 10"
industry standard size

extruded carbon block
filter for taste, odor, lead and particles reduction

(Replacement filter for CT-1000)

Ceramic Carbon Filter

0.2 micron 10"
industry standard size
leanable ceramic extruded carbon block filter for
taste, odor and fine sediment reduction

(Replacement filter for CT-2000)



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