How Does A Water Softener Work?

There Are 4 Important Steps To Softening:

  1. The body of a water softenr is a tank filled with resin beads. These beads are covered with sodium ions. As hard water pass through, the resin beads act like a magnet, attractin the calcium and magnesium ions (hardness) in exchange for the sodium ions.
  2. Eventually the resin beads become saturated with mineral ions and have to be "re-charged." This process is called regeneration(normally once every 7 days for a better efficiency),and is conducted by the control valve on the top of the tank . The control valve is the brain of the system.
  3. During regeneration, a strong brine solution is flushed through the resin tank, bathing the resin beads in a stream of sodium ions which replace the accumulated calcium and magnesium ions (hardness).
  4. The brine solution, carrying the displaced calcium and magnesium ions, is then flushed down the drain by fresh water. The regenerated resin beads can be used again and again.

You can enjoy all these benefits:

  • Feel softer and smoother difference in your skin and hair after a shower.
  • Clothes are softener, cleaner, brighter, last longer and use less detergent.
  • Reduced hard water spots on the surfaces of glasses, bathtubs, mirrors, tiles, cars, or any plumbing fixtures- make all your cleaning and scrubbing much easier.
  • Extends the life and reduces maintenance of icemakers, coffee machines, dishwashers, water heaters, and laundry equipments

Trusted Quality in APEC's Water Softeners

APEC water systems are designed for durability and safety. We are one of the very few manufacturers who still insist on using NSF certified premium components made in the United States. Our durable tank, housing, and valves can withstand extreme pH and pressure changes without leaking or bursting. Our water softener uses a Fleck 5600SE solid state control to provide soft and conditioned water based on your family's water usage, regenerating only when needed. This enviromentally friendly control ensures you years of soft water; saving you money, water and regenerant. The Fleck 5600 control valves has been engineered and tested to withstand the equivalent of 27 years of uninterrupted daily use. It is simply one of the most reliable valves available.

For 17 years, we are known as the leading manufacturer of high performance water systems. Our systems are built to meet the most demanding applications in water treatment-- from drinking water for homes, healthcare facilities, research labs to scale free water for factories. Our durable water softeners last for decades, they bring years of soft water enjoyment and convenience to their owners.

America's Most Durable & Reliable Water Softener

Demand -Initiated Regeneration

A Programable Control Meter measures your water usage ensuring the maximum capacity and efficiency- reduces service frequency, waste water, and saves salt.
Solid state Microprocessor w/ LED Display Simple to use, state-of-the-art solid state microprocessor control with LED diplays: Time of day, Remaining capacify, Regenerating cycle in progress.
Choose from 3 Modes of Operation Choose from 3 modes of operation: Immediate meter regeneration, Delayed meter regeneration, or Delayed time clock regeneration.
Advanced Programing Options Many programing options including up to Six Independently Adjustable Cycle Times. Also features a Guest regeneration button to easily initiate a manual regeneration.
Calendar Override Automatically regenerates the system at a time interval you select if usage has not initiated a regeneration.
Memory Backup In the event of a power failure, program memory and NOVRAM stores timer settings without batteries.
Industry Leading Warranty? Prolong the lifespan of pipes and home appliances from clogging with calcium carbonate. Also removes existing scale that's already in your house. Much easier clean ups of hard water spotting on cars, windows, and dishes.
Worry free Receive highest quality products, expert support, lowest price and warranty directly from a first-rate manufacturer.

High Performance System Components:

Resin Tank NSF certified resin tank 9x48....
Salt Tank Tough, high density, 14x14 polyethylene salt storage tank which holds 200 lbs of salt.
Control Valve State-of-the-art Fleck 5600SE Microprocessor Control with the proven piston-seal-spacer technology. Featuring a hydraulically balanced, Teflon-coated piston with a seal and spacer to maximize flow and regeneration.
Bypass Valve A high quality 1" bypass valve is included to maximize water pressure and easy maintenance of system.
Safety Brine Valve  
Chrome Jacket  

Water Softener Specifications:

  • Peak Flow Rate: 15 GPM
  • System Capacity: Max. Hardness of 25 Grains
  • Mineral Tank Dimension: 10" x 54 "
  • Pre-filter Dimension: 20" x 4.5"
  • System Weight : 80 lbs

Sample Whole House Water Conditioning Setup:


Recommended Complete Setup

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Differences Between RO, Softeners, and Whole House Filters

This is one of our most frequently asked questions. We've found that most consumers do not have a clear concept on the differences between drinking water systems and whole house filters or softeners. To help you make the right choice, here is a summary:

Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems

Water Softeners

Whole House Water Filters

Filtration type Point of Use Point of Entry
(for the whole house)
Point of Entry
(for the whole house)
Output water to 1-3 dedicated drinking water faucets Every faucet in the house Every faucet in the house
Filtration level 0.0001 micron, very fine, removes up to 99% of most chemical & dissolved contaminants Catalytic process, no filtration 10-30 micron, basic filtration to remove sediments, chlorine, odors
Water quality "bottled water quality" safe drinking water Softened water only, not safe drinking water Not recommended for safe drinking water
Output capacity 45-90 gallons a day
(idea for drinking, cooking only)
Unlimited amount
(for bath, toilets, laundry, dishes)
Unlimited amount
(for bath, toilets, laundry, dishes)

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