RO-PUMP - Vibration/Noise

Noise can be sporadic and periodic as a result of the sudden surge in water pressure in your household. If it does occur, don't be too over-anxious to pinpoint the cause. Observe and give it a few days before you pinpoint the exact cause.

Humming/Buzzing Noise

1. Air trapped in check valve

2. Harmonic Resonance

See Figure 2, Point E

1. Flush out the Air Bubbles, after a few minutes the sound should subside

2. Replace the Check Valve

3. Foaming around the RO system

Sputtering/Jack Hammer Noise

1. Forgot to insert membrane

2. Membrane inserted wrongly

1. Empty membrane housing

2. Membrane inserted Wrongly

Severe Vibration
Wrong Line Installation
See diagram and point identification
Rectify it
Noise from drain


1. Location of drain saddle

2. Inherent

3. Restriction in Drain Line


1. RO-Pump see figure 1

2. Drain Line

3. Debris from the sink or garbage disposal might clog the line


1. Set proper location for the drain

2. None

3. Caused from dishwasher or gar

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