RO-CTOP ULTIMATE Reverse Osmosis® System Customer Review


Jim - N/A
I bought the portable RO on account that I travel and am pretty active, and was tired of bottled water routine. Its nice having consistently good tasting impurity free water. It even tastes better than almost all bottled water at you local convenience store.

By having the RO unit, I don't have to worry about BPAs, bad tasting house brand water, over advertised pricey water, and price gouging at events. Instead I store the filtered water in glass bottles in the fridge and refill my reusable containers / bladders when I go out.


Janine - Oklahoma
I live in OKC and my water tested 550ppm straight out the kitchen faucet, after connecting the RO it came down to 20ppm....amazing! Love the portable unit.


Matt - Michigan
The best RO water system I've ever had. Love the fact that it's made in the U.S.!


John Bailey - Oregon
Hi guys, I love your filter. I bought it something like 7 years ago. It is one of the countertop ones. I've been using that to filter all my drinking water for myself and my wife for that time, and I've only replaced the charcoal filter once. It works great - and TDS are still very low. Takes all the chemical taste out of my local municipal water. Also, my municipality has a variance from State DEQ to allow them to distribute more ARSENIC than anywhere else because the ground water here is full of the stuff. I recently started growing microgreens and sprouts on my table top. When some of them didn't do well, we tried the R/O water...

I'm presently doing a side-by-side demonstration, with photos, of two batches of seeds, showing that the tap water sprouts slower, germinates fewer, grows slower and looks less healthy than the same water through your filter. This little report I'm doing is going to go into a video on one of our web sites - and I want to refer customers to you for filters. Thanks for providing a great product that we can fully recommend and demonstrate to our customers and friends!


Richard Wise - Colorado Springs, Colorado
My APEC countertop Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filter has given me great service for years. I used it when I was in an apartment in Iowa for a couple of years (2005-2006) The water in Iowa really needed filtering! Since then I've been using it in my Colorado home for another six years. And it really makes a difference by giving me great tasting water here, too. This is the 4th RO water system I've bought from APEC - 1 for me, 1 for my brother, an under counter unit for my mother and another that I installed in a house for a friend in Iowa. It's easy for me to whole-heartedly recommend APEC RO systems to friends and family - top quality RO systems and safe water at a great price.


Nathan F. - Birmingham, Alabama
My family and I have become accustomed to our water well and the taste and quality of municipal water quality varies greatly based on locale. The RO-CTOP has been outstanding and while the taste of the water well is great the TDS is 168 ppm after a 5 micron whole-house carbon filter and 12 GPM UV filter because this water is "hard" due to the dissolved limestone and calcium. I'm in my mid 30's and have had my fill of kidney stones, the RO system knocks the TDS down to 4 ppm. We're using the RO-CTOP too as we travel; it's great knowing that we can have uniform quality water and taste regardless of the municipal supply and it's already proven itself. Much better than bottled water and we got a great BPA-free USA-made 1 gallon container with spout for storage. It's nice to have a USA-made system with USA-made components from the manufacturer and not some poisonous export knock-off with claims that are greatly exaggerated. Support has been great, I had to ask a single trivial question and the E-Mail was answered in less than 5 minutes. I would order from APEC again and am recommending them to friends/family who are unhappy with the municipal water supply.


Phil Sykes - Mississippi
I wanted to thank you for making me aware of this offer you have for July 4. I especially though wanted to thank you for the outstanding counter-top unit (RO) that I have been using FOR YEARS w/o an need of service (at least it hasn't received any service!) I just wanted to let you know that this unit suits my needs TO A "T"! It works well, supplies me w/better RO water than I had gotten from an RO dispenser at Walmart (at 30 cents or more per gallon --your unit has paid for itself many times over!), and the TDS is consistently at "0" despite the hundreds (many hundreds) of gallons that this unit has processed.


Angela Puma - New York
I am very pleased with the portable unit I purchased. It was very easy to set up and is equally easy to use. It will be nice to be able to take it with me when we leave NY.


Paula Lupo
We were looking for an R.O. system for both drinking water and for our coral aquarium, which requires nutrient-We love our new RO system - Installed perfectly - quiet - working wonderfully. Glad we found you on the internet.


A. Kirkendoll - Miami, Florida
We were looking for an R.O. system for both drinking water and for our coral aquarium, which requires nutrient-free water. (Miami tap water has more chlorine than your average swimming pool, and enough nitrates and phosphates to hydroponically grow tomatoes.) We went with the countertop model because it seemed the simplest and its parts and pieces were made in the USA (rare enough these days). Talk about "plug-n-play"! You can have it up and running within minutes of pulling it out of the box! The water tastes great, and it's about 99% pure water, so it's great for the corals. The total dissolved solids of Miami tap water started at 137ppm and after the filter, TDS=9ppm. Thank you for a simple to operate system, and for the quick delivery!


Harry Luo - New Hyde Park, New York
We stopped buying bottled water after I read several online articles about the problems with bottled water. We decided to buy the APEC RO countertop system after we did some research and talked to their tech support. It was hard for us to make the decision between the RO-45 and RO-CTOP. Now I love the APEC countertop system since it's easy to install for me and I can get fresh filtered water every day. Looking at my pictures you may notice that it is hidden in the cabinet. I drilled three holes under the bottom of the cabinet. Pretty neat, right?


Jason Lee Craig - Tennessee
I am very pleased with the RO-CTOP. It was easy to install and makes great water. Customer service is very good and I highly recommend buying one of these units.


Carla - California
Yes I AM a satisfied customer! My countertop unit was so easy to install and the quality of the water is excellent, as is the taste, which was one of my concerns. I'm not a big water drinker, or so I thought :-) and I recently had a little kidney infection that made me realize it was very likely due to dehydration. So this is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much!


Kathi Thomas - Missouri
I just found this page and I have to say I LOVE my RO-CTOP system. I have had it in two states now and it produces the best tasting water ever. The only problem I have had is that my mother AND then my daughter each used the HOT water and blew the hoses and I had to replace them. But it was alright because it was time to change filters anyway and it was soooo easy to fix. The customer service rep I spoke to was soooo very knowledgeable, helpful and courteous, something I miss in this day and age. THANKS for a great product and super customer service. I recommend it to everyone.


Dan Bullard - Washington
I live on a houseboat on the Columbia River and our marina well produces rather nasty water. The owner has done a lot to improve it, but it's still pretty poor quality water. After getting my RO-CTOP system I used the included TDS meter to test the marina water, it was 395 PPM of Total Dissolved Solids. I measured some water from a neighbors Brita water filter, it was 365 PPM after being filtered! Then I tested the water from the RO unit - 7 PPM. Then I tested pure rain water - 10 PPM. I also used a commercially available water test kit to test the water from the RO unit. I came up with 0 PPM lead, 0 PPM copper, 0 PPM nitrates, 0 PPM pesticides, 0 PPM alkalinity, a pH level of 7.0. The test kit even had a test for bacteria, which came out negative. The water from the unit is EXTREMELY clean, even better than bottled water at over a $1 a gallon, and I get it for FREE from my RO-CTOP unit.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for such an outstanding product! My only problem now is that everyone at the marina wants me to purify water for them. I'm telling them, Sorry folks, buy your own RO unit and you'll have all the pure water you can drink.


Margaret Silvia - Massachusetts
I got the countertop model. I am on a fixed income so it was the least expensive, and I bought a gravity 7-gallon BPA free container to put the pure water in, which has a faucet. I leave it on the kitchen counter so I can use it for cooking, etc, and I'm extremely happy. Took 1 1/2 hours to fill up 6 gallons of water, but that will last me awhile, and my animals will get the benefits too. I've been lugging water for 25 Cents a gallon, that you can get up the street. Was putting it in empty gallon water containers. At the time knew nothing about BPA in plastics. I'm so glad I've learned about this too! So I measured the tap water before putting it on the faucet, reading was 104, the same as the stupid water I've been lugging around for several years. Never knew I was just drinking tap water. What a revelation! At times bought Poland Springs water, that registered 48 on the tds meter. Wow! Your water is fantastic (12ppm's for me). The extra that I like about it, is if I go anywhere I can take it with me, as it's portable. I also bought the UV light as it kills bacteria, viruses, etc. Thank you so much everyone at APEC!!! Nothing is as important as water, except the air we breathe.

UPDATE - Update on my 1/7/10 review, 2/2/10 Further testing results with the TDS meter showing 7ppm.


Juana Flores - New York
The RO-CTOP began to draw water easily from the faucet to produce filtered water immediately after I connected the system. I definitely feel that the water produced by this system is cleaner and healthier especially for people who have and suffer from chronic illnesses. This portable system is also very practical and easy to use because it doesn't take up much space in my apartment. Since it's not heavy, I am even considering taking it out of the country the next time I travel. Thank you APEC!


Konstantin - New York
I bought the countertop filter system in August 2006. It take just couple minutes to place and attach to the tap. As you can see from pictures the system occupied virtually zero space on my countertop. Because the system does not include the water tank I use two empty 1 gallon jars and fill them as needed. I include the picture of my charts (usually attached on refrigerator). This is a good idea to keep track of usage the system and know when to replace the filters. I put one line for one gallon, than replace 10 lines with a cross, and ten crosses with 100. As you can see, in 2 years and 9 months I use approximately 500 gallons of water. 310 on the bottom reflects the number when I replaced filters. The tap water I have is Appr. 40-45 TDS and after filter system 1-2 TDS. We are a small family-only two person and use filtered water for tea, coffee, soup, boiling pasta or potatoes-everything which consumed. Even buying the water for $1 gallon on sale we had to spend $500. This is really FREE DRINKING WATER and healthy water. Thank you APEC.


Karen Michaels - North Carolina
Thank you for a great RO system! Ours RO-CTOP arrived last week and is even better than we imagined it would be. The quality of the water is superb, and the output speed surpasses any system we've ever seen. The 4 stage RO system we bought from you, complete with a bonus replacement set of pre-filters, and a TDS meter, cost us less than our old 3 stage system's 3 filters. We're very happy to have found your web site. We want to purchase an additional faucet connect package as was included with our system. When we travel, we don't want to keep taking the fitting on and off our home faucet. Please email me how to purchase this because I don't see it listed in the parts section on your web site. Thank you, again, and Bless you for your good work.



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