RO-90 ULTIMATE Reverse Osmosis® System Customer Review


Neil - Houston, Texas
The RO system works well. I have tested lab distilled water for fluoride levels as well as popular water bottles. The APEC RO system has the LOWEST FLUORIDE levels of any of the waters I have tested! The level is slightly lower than Nestle bottled water. My APEC water tested at 18-19 us conductivity! Thank you!


Yang Wu - Flushing, New York
Great product. Good customer service upon contacted. The system is easy to install w/ the help of the clear instructions, and pretty solid after constructed. The system works automatically and quietly. Feeding /raw water of 39 ppm produces water under TDS meter detectable range, ie. 0 ppm.)


Brian W - Iowa
When I got my filtration system I couldn't wait to hook it up. When I finally did the whole procedure it only took an hour or two. Instructions were easy to follow. I did have one small leak but only because I didn't tighten a nut as tight as I should have. Once I tasted the water, I never want to go back to drinking tap water again! My numbers before were 400-500ppm and now are at 25ppm. I use the water for everything, even rinsing vegetables! I would recommend this system to friends and family. Whenever I move I will be sure to take this system with me.


Evan Gary - California
I bought the Apec system after using Arrowhead, Sparklets..... I can't believe I waited so long to buy a system like this. I will describe it in 3 words.... Awesome, Awesome, Awesome. The water tastes so much better than the water from Arrowhead or Sparklets and you will save a Ton of Money..... You will be totally amazed once you start testing the water that comes out of the tap and then testing the water that comes out of your new system. You kinda will feel like a mad scientist :) Anytime someone comes over I am proud to ask "You want some water" and they always say that is good tasting water.... The End


Alan Namazbayev
I just wanted to express my deep appreciation of business I had and still luckily have with APEC! This is already the 4th RO system I purchased from APEC and I'm 150% satisfied by the quality of the water it produces as well as parts and assembly quality of the RO system itself. I've installed 3 RO systems for my closest relatives and one for my newly purchased home in Austin and now we all drink crystal clear and safe water! Thank you guys for all that you do and wish you keep going and increasing your customer base!


Chung Chang - Texas
Used for about a month now. Replaced a leaky Whirlpool 3-stage RO filter purchased from Lowes a year ago. Whirlpool might have been cheaper up front, but the flimsy build quality and more expensive replacement filters make the APEC much more economical in the long run. I would break even in about 3 years and after that, save twice as much on filter replacements. Water tastes great and quality is excellent (TDS = 220ppm@faucet vs 22ppm@APEC spigot). Also plumbed to fridge icemaker and no longer need to clean hard mineral deposits on the ice/water dispenser catch pan. Highly recommended!


Todd Stamper - Tennessee
I am exceedingly happy with my APEC RO Water system. I have recommended your company to several people and I will continue to do so. I am so comfortable and pleased with your water system that I make sure to take about 100 oz to work a day to make sure I have plenty at hand as I work outside. Thank you all again.


Diane Gliozzi - Wexford, Pennsylvania
I have had my reverse osmosis system in my kitchen now for about 1.5 months. I am very happy with it and the water tastes very good. My father and I installed the system under my kitchen sink. At first I had some tiny drips from two of the filters but after I switched the housing on the two they have been drip free since. When I contacted customer service about the initial problem they were terrific about getting back to me quickly and were willing to replace the parts if I needed that done. It is nice knowing that all the extras that come with city water is not going into my drinking water. I now drink much more water as I don't have to worry about the quality. I would, and already have, recommended this system to others.


Roger Whittaker - Lake City, Georgia
This is a great system. Easy to install, great tasting water, and made in the USA! I believe this is a great value. My refrigerator has a filter that costs $60 every six months, this system's filters cost $39 a year. That is a big difference in cost, and this system is much better than the one in the refrigerator. Now, I have clean water to cook with and drink. I also ran a line to my refrigerator so I don't need the filter on it and can have nice clean ice and still use the water in the door. I would say this is a great deal.


Vaughn T Hazell - Anguilla
I am from a tiny island in the Caribbean called Anguilla, where I am currently building my house, with anywhere between 5 and 10 guys carrying out the construction of the house on a given day. Before purchasing this system I would normally spend about $20 USD a day on water and ice for the construction workers alone, and following the recommendation of a friend I decided to purchase the RO-90 system as a means of cutting costs. I must say that since installing the system, I am convinced that this has been the best investment I have ever made in my life so far. I have gone from spending over $100 a week on water for my workers and our home to $0.00 dollars. I was simply amazed by the test results from the TDS system, where the results showed that the filtered water from the RO-90 system was even better than the bottled water.

I work for the Government of Anguilla and I have already submitted a request to my PS about purchasing a few of these devices for a number of departments, as a means of saving money. My brother who works for the only secondary school on the island has also convinced the Principal to purchase a RO system for the teachers in that school. I absolutely love this system and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for an excellent system for producing clean drinking water.


Michele Monk - Mississippi
Loving my reverse osmosis system from Free Drinking Water. I have breast cancer, and am treating it with Gerson Therapy. With this therapy I am not allowed to come into contact with chlorine or fluoride. The water is also used for coffee enemas. I asked my local water company to test for both of these after running the water through your filter, and the fluoride which I was very concerned about had gone completely. I am saving up for a whole house system so I can have a shower, been doing sponge baths with heated filtered water for the last 2 months. A friend of mine fitted the system for me and said it was easy to do. When the automatic shut off valve quit working, your technician explained what I had to do with the system to diagnose the problem with lots of patience, the replacement part was very easy to install. I own a natural healing center, and am going to recommend the system to over 700 of my clients. I am sending pictures of how much water I had to buy for the 5 days that your system was not functioning, made more more grateful for your system. Blessings for a healthy day. Michele Monk. Health Integration, Whole Foods & Natural Healing Center, 225 East Jefferson St, Yazoo City, Mississippi, 39194


Jennifer Schnabel - Pennsylvania
I just want to say how thankful I am that I found your company. Yesterday, we had our water tested and they quoted us $1300.00 for a reverse osmosis system, yikes! When I read all the testimonials, I became so excited to purchase your product. It isn't even here yet, and I am still going to tell all my friends. PS. I am originally from CA, so I am thrilled to be buying American from a California company!


Larry Jones - California
I received my system via UPS at 11:30 am and I had my system installed by 1:00pm. I have a bad case of ADD and even with ADD I was able to install this system with no help. The only hard part that I had and still have is that the threads on the water spigot is way to long as there are no sockets that are that deep and it is in such a hard spot to reach that I could not get it completely tight. I will keep trying though.


Luis Tellez - Nevada
Thanks for following up on my satisfaction regarding the RO-90 Osmosis water system. I am very happy with your product. I did alot of research before I decided to go with you guys. Everything I read on the web on what to look for when buying a top quality Osmosis system, you guys met the requirements plus more. The quality doesn't compare to the other Osmosis companies I was looking at, and the LIFE of the filters and membrane also beat out everyone else. Just the life on these filters is going to save me ALOT of money not forgetting all the money I am now saving on not having to buy the 5 gallon water bottles. The water quality is the best I've had and is currently reading at 11, what a difference! The icing on the cake is that I was buying from an American company. I believe in the American product before anything else, especially in these times. Thanks again Calvin, you guys are the best out there! Feel free to share my satisfaction with America! Wish APEC and you the best!


Brian & Carrie Booth - Missouri
We bought the RO-90 system with a few additional upgrades (clear housing, 14 gal tank and the Coke-bottle faucet) and we must say that we are completely impressed. The ordering and shipping process was quick and easy, everything arrived on time and well packed. We had some specific needs with our RO system where it had to supply the faucet, ice maker and our Honeywell TrueSteam HM512 humidifier. This beast was getting clogged with all the crud that was in our water making it unusable. We needed an RO system with horsepower to handle our load and the RO-90 system delivered.

Installation was well documented, the items included to assist with the install was a nice plus and that most of the unit was preassembled was excellent. We went with a basement mount and added several feet of our own line and valves. We had excellent drinking water in just about an hour. The extras that were included with the order like the TDS meter, replacement filter set & icemaker kit was a nice plus that saved us a lot of money in the long run. We will highly recommend APEC to anyone that asks and will purchase from them again. Thanks guys!


Terry Guay - New York
I first want to say that APEC is definitely a 5 Star company. This is our first RO system purchase and after a lot of research. APEC's units are of the highest quality and made in the USA. They are everything advertised and more. We are very, very satisfied with our new unit.

We decided to purchase the RO-90 along with the 14 gallon tank upgrade due to our everyday water demand. We use this unit on a daily basis to fill our humidifier tanks, coffee maker, water bottles for work as well as cooking and everyday drinking water. We also supply our ice maker and the ice is almost crystal clear! This water has a slight "sweet" taste that seems to enhance the flavor, especially for cooking soups and making coffee. As for the installation, it was a breeze. I mounted mine in the basement on a backboard near the floor drain and main water supply. The 14 gal. holding tank sits just below it. I had to order 20 extra feet of tubing to be able to connect our kitchen faucet but that was very cheap. I also installed 2 plastic shut-offs to be able to isolate the ice maker feed and kitchen faucet in case there are any problems in the future. Upon my initial start-up there were NO problems or leaks. Everything went flawless.

Now for the final numbers... Our village water supply measured a TDS of 155 and our RO water measures a TDS of 004!! What really upsets me is we for the last couple of years have bought 5 gallon jugs of Spring Water from a reputable company and their water measured a TDS of 148!! This unit folks has to be one of the best investments you can make to improve your family's health. Yes there are cheaper units out there but you'll get what you pay for. What other company gives you "Free" filters, "Free" ice maker kits and most of all a "Free" TDS meter to check your final product and justify your investment!! I also want to mention that their Tech Support was right there to answer my questions. Thanx APEC!!!!


Rick Speth - New York
After having my RO-90 system in Buffalo NY for almost 5 years, I decided to replace the last 2 filter stages (the membrane and post filter) as recommended by APEC. I always replaced stages 1-3 on an annual basis. My raw water is about 150ppm and you can smell the chlorine and in the winter our inlet water temperature is about 40 degrees. Even though the RO unit was reading 1 ppm (yes, 1) I replaced the last 2 stages anyway, according to recommendations. After replacing these stages my TDS reading went up to 9 ppm. I said, "what's up with that?" Upon contacting the tech support folks at APEC, I found out that 10 ppm is an acceptable reading, and that it may take a while for the new membrane to get broken in. After a few weeks the reading was down to 6 ppm. Nevertheless, I re-installed the original membrane filter and the reading went back to 0-1ppm. For some reason the original filter performs in the top 0.1% of the distribution. So upon further advice from APEC, I wrapped the new filter in a zip lock bag so it won't dry out and am storing it for later use in my refrigerator.

All through the 5 years I have had the RO system, I have been very pleased with the service people at APEC. And needless to say, the clean water makes all the difference in the world especially with coffee and ice cubes. I have recommended APEC to all my good friends as it is the best price/performance in the world. I have attached a picture of my installation which is in the basement directly under the kitchen sink.


Greg Mannix - British Columbia, Canada
I have to say that my entire experience was excellent! Starting with a reply to my email from Ken in product support, I had inquired on the filter replacement availability. Ken replied within 24 hours with a pleasant, informative email. Also made in America made a difference. Anything we can get that is made in North America, I support it! I installed it the same evening I received it, aprox. 2 hours and I am no plumber. Great set up. Thank you.


Shane Roeser - Florida
I spent about a month researching RO systems and I kept finding myself going back to your website. It appears that you guys are offering the most bang for the buck and of top quality. I ended up ordering an RO 90 with the 1st stage clear filter housing, and the UV light option. I ended up replacing my soap dispenser that I barely use for your stylish brushed faucet. I decided that I wanted to make the unit easy to service so I made a custom slide out bracket that the whole system slides out of the cabinet on making it easy to change the filters, never needing to disconnect any of the lines. I found the installation instructions very easy to follow and after I had thought out the project and made the custom sliding bracket it only took about an hour to install. This system just replaced my water bottle delivery service that I have had since 2003. I am very happy with your system. For sure a great purchase!


Brenda Novodvorsky - North Dakota
I just wanted you to know I am very happy with my RO System. It was just delivered by UPS last night and my husband went to hooking everything up. This morning, I drained the tank and when it was filled again, I used the TDS tester according to your instructions. The Product water was at 80. When I had my water tested a week ago, the TDS was at 1820. When I tested our water today, it was 1525. We are very excited about the RO System and don't know why we waited so long to purchase one. Thank you so much for your great customer service! I will be referring my friends to your site!


Thom Gulyas - Maryland
Good afternoon! Having had my system in place for over two years now, I have to say that I am "blown away" with the quality of water that it provides. For a few months after moving into our newly constructed home, I noticed that the water tasted strange. I'm not a scientist, but I do know a funny taste when I taste it! Anyway, I decided to start checking into filtration systems. Now, you have the big box stores in our area selling the simple carbon filter systems. I guess they are o.k., if you are willing to take that risk. My son was on bottles at the time and we were making his formula. It concerned me as to what was in the water in our town. I contacted Town Hall and was told all is well and not to worry. I decided to order a system anyway and thought "I'm on Town water it should be the best!" WRONG!!

I have photos that I wish I could upload to but have not seen an email addy to do so. I just changed out all the filters and membrane because the water was coming out so slowly. The first change of filters is only on stages 1-3 the first year then all five the second year. I can assure you that I will be changing out all five EVERY year from now on! If you could see the actual mess that these filters pickup, you would NEVER drink unfiltered water again. It is amazing that there is not more illness due to the junk that is in the water. These systems are worth EVERY DIME you pay for them. Honestly they are. Just get it and put it in. You will not be disappointed. I even bought another one for my office and cancelled the water delivery service.


Brad Westcott - Texas
Well, I thought I would take a moment to thank everyone for such a great product and continued service of the highest caliber. I have now owned my 5 stage RO system for about 10 years and it is still working perfectly. I own two fish tanks and the need for pure water is a must for success. My marine\reef tank is doing beautifully and my fish and corals could not be happier. Your service has been excellent and all the upgrades like going from 45 to 90 gpd has been a pleasant experience. I even have received referral checks from you. All in all, I am very happy and will continue to recommend APEC to my friends and family.


Bill Johnston - Arizona
What a unit! My TDS went from 746 down to 18! My tea is clear, My coffee is the best it's ever been and maybe now I'll drink plain water through the day instead of iced tea. I will definitely recommend your system to all of my friends. Thanks for providing a top notch product at a very reasonable price. What a unit! My TDS went from 746 down to 18! My tea is clear, My coffee is the best it's ever been and maybe now I'll drink plain water through the day instead of iced tea. I will definitely recommend your system to all of my friends. Thanks for providing a top notch product at a very reasonable price.


Bill Prohs - Colorado
I've been using the APEC system for over two years and all I have to say is "What a GREAT product"!!! I couldn't be happier with a product than I have been with your system. I would recommend this to anyone who is concerned about the quality of the water they are using. Before we purchased bottled water and the cost of using it not only to drink, but also for cooking, was breaking me up in business. Now I don't worry about filling up my pasta pot just to cook my pasta. I live in the mountains and I can't tell you how much better the water tastes from my APEC system than from the town source. Tell me that pollution isn't everywhere. Again, thanks, for a great product!


Louis DiGiovanni - New York
I just installed the RO-90 last month. My TDS reading before being purified by the RO was 439, but with my new RO system it is reading 3. I would highly recommend your system. The directions are very clear and it took a little time to install. I had a competitors unit before and parts were very expensive to replace and the TDS were higher than your model RO-90 delivered. The 14 gallon tank was a wise investment, as my pleasure and volume have increased dramatically.


Edward & Diane Asato - California
My wife and I would like to thank you for your great product. I made some research into other purification systems and yours was tops. No longer do we need to store bottled water in our garage. The water we are getting from our RO-90 system is just as good or better then the water we were paying $1.00 per half a gallon bottle. The installation took very little time and all the water connecting parts were included in your water purification kit. I recommend for a family the RO-90 over the smaller unit. It cost a little more but you get "more bang for your bucks". I will recommend your products to all my relatives and friends. Keep up the good work. Score one for "made in America".


Rob Murdock - California
I just finished the installation of your RO-90 system. The only hitch I had was a slight leak at the bottom of the spigot, which I swiftly remedied. I bought this system to replace a smaller system that was in the house a year ago when we bought it. Even though the owner said he had just replaced the pre-filter, the capacity was way too small and maintenance was very involved. I had a plumber out for another issue and asked if he could change the filter and he declined. I discovered your system via internet research and was impressed with the flow rating and ease of maintenance. We are a family of three and two of us are very heavy water drinkers. We also plan on giving our cat and dog R.O. water and filling a bunch of bottles and keeping them in the refrigerator. My water TDS measurements are as follows: Tap 177, OLD R.O. 11, YOUR system 6. Your system is obviously well built and easy to maintain, and we look forward to years of very clean and economical drinking water. Congratulations on a great product line!



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