RO-PERM ULTIMATE Reverse Osmosis® System Customer Review


Darwin Fisher - Kansas
We previously had an RO system (Not APEC) that started leaking on us about a year ago. I ended up removing the system and we went about a year without RO water. After a year we were ready for good clear clean water again. I started investigating several systems and quickly became impressed with APEC. APEC's customer service was great in answering my questions both over the phone and online chat, and was quick in helping me decide on what model I needed. I ended up waiting until Christmas to order, so that I could take advantage of the Christmas sale. I was told the best system for my set up was the RO-PERM for the following reasons. 1) We live in the country and have well water. 2) I was wanting to put the RO system in my basement mechanical room instead of under the sink to save space under the sink. When the system arrived it was very well packaged with all the supplies I needed. The set up and installation was very easy.

I ended up installing the system about 40' from my sink and then just ran a line to my sink and also to the refrigerator. Even with that much distance we still have good pressure from the system at both locations. I have a family of 6 and the system is able to keep up even with the small tank. I am very impressed with the system and the quality. I will note if you are looking into the RO-PERM system it does make a little noise when it is filtering water, so I am glad it is in the mechanical room.

As far as quality of is crystal clear. As my wife says "no floaties in my water now!" I used the tester that came with the system and tested our home well water which has a whole house filter on it at 340ppm. I then tested our refrigerator's "filtered" water and it tested at 220 ppm. The last time I tested the water from the RO system it was at 22 ppm. That's amazing to me. Again, thanks for all the great customer service and a great product. We are really enjoying the clear clean water!


Brandon J. - Oregon
I have well water and a salt based water softener system. The water wasn't horrible, but I wanted cleaner and safer drinking water for my family. I researched different systems for a couple weeks. Every time I reviewed what I had found the APEC systems were always the best when you considered the quality of the system components, the ease of installation, and the potential for simple future maintenance and repair. I went with the RO-PERM system, upgraded to the 14 gallon tank, added 2 ice maker kits (one to connect my ice maker, one for my instant hot), ordered extra water line for connecting all three outlets, and upgraded the faucet to a model that matched my kitchen. The system is installed on a board attached to the a beam in my basement and each of the outlets (ice maker, instant hot & faucet) range from 15 to 20 feet from that location. Water pressure at each source is fantastic, especially at the faucet which is the farthest away!

I'm considering adding a faucet in the upstairs bathroom for the kids to use because I'm so confident it would have enough pressure to operate even after going 20 feet UP to that location. With the 14 gallon storage tank I never run out of water, even when I use it for the water I home brew beer with on the weekends. I can't be sure that the water made all the difference, but I think that my last batch was the best beer I've ever made, and water is truly the main component of any beverage! Having clean ice and water is something that I enjoy so much, and our whole family is so happy to have our RO system installed. Thanks for making such great systems! INSTALLATION TIP: The nail based or adhesive Clips for coaxial/TV cable that you can buy at a hardware store work great for holding the water lines in place.


Sara Pastryk - Wisconsin
I recently purchased the RO-PERM reverse osmosis system. I have 3 young boys and I want to make sure I am giving them the cleanest drinking water I can. After much research, I decided on a reverse osmosis system from APEC water due to the high quality of your products. I installed the system in our basement so I would have more room under my kitchen sink. It was easy to install thanks for the great instructions. The hardest part was snaking the longer water line accross and through the basement ceiling to get to the kitchen sink. Thanks for the great product.


John - New Hampshire
I purchased and installed the RO-PERM drinking water system about 13 months ago. Installation was pretty easy. We love the fresh, pure water from this system. All filters are made in USA and the housing is a quality made housing. This was only slightly more expensive than the carbon based water filter I used in my previous house. Now that we have a well I wanted to ensure great drinking water for my family. We each drink at least 10 glasses of water a day. We are happy with this system and highly recommend it to others.


Ryan Cook - Ohio
Just wanted to write a quick note to let you know how pleased we are with our new RO-Perm system. I ordered one to replace my Kinetico system which was ten years old, and the installation could not have gone any smoother. I'm blown away with how easy this system was to install (I'm not the handiest) and how well it seems to be functioning.

I would highly recommend your systems to anyone who is thinking about adding a system at home. I looked at all the major systems and yours is by far the most cost effective that I could locate. Thanks again for making such a good solid product.


Charles Nunez - Michigan
Totally impressed with your unit. We had originally purchased a unit from a local plumber for more dollars. Never lived up to claims. Weak pressure, 3 phases and small tank. We are on a well. Ordered the RO-PERM from APEC. Installed it in the same location in the basement. Pressure is fantastic and the unit was easy to install. Extra 14 gallon tank is terrific. This is a great unit. My son will probably buy one, too! James, customer service rep was very helpful! Water tastes great. Very pleased!


James H - Ferndale, Michigan
I just got finished installing it a few days ago (was waiting for my Dad to come up to help with the new house). I've owned a previous product of yours for years, one of the countertop models for my apartment. Just like that one I was impressed with this full system. The quality is amazing and whomever engineers these things is a genius. The valves and fittings are sturdy and don't feel flimsy, something I think shows quality is that if it can't take a bit of a beating it isn't worth the money. My dad was also extremely impressed in its quality and value. My parents have a $5,000 RO/Softener system in their house for well water so they're pretty familiar with RO products (had the house 13 years with their system). So thank you for making a great product and it's been about a week since I installed it with my Dad in the basement and ran it up to the sink on the main floor. Glad it was so easy and I look forward to its continued use.


Safara Fisher - Mesa, Arizona
I wanted to just thank you again for the wonderful product that we have now been using for a year. We have found the system to be really effective. Today we changed our water filter and noticed the difference! It was incredible to see how much had collected. Just thought I would share this with you.


Jim Cadrin - Alberta, Canada
Just want to say I am super impressed with your company. Product is great (nice to see such clear installation instructions...and in one language too!) Had very good experience with Henry T who helped me arrange to exchange a stainless steel faucet for a chrome one. You have a very high standard in service that I only hope other companies will follow!


Henry Smith - Abingdon, Virginia
Our new RO system has been operational for two days. It's working great to produce the best drinking water we have ever had here. We have a well in a rural area and have considered R/O system before. If we had known that it would produce water of this quality we would have bought one years ago. Consider us pleased and satisfied.


David Klawiter - South Bend, Indiana
I have had my system installed long enough to need to change the RO filter for the first time, and continue to be very pleased with the quality of the water. I installed my system in the basement and split the output to feed both my kitchen sink, and my ice maker. It makes marvelous ice cubes that are crystal clear. It also makes it very easy to access when changing filters. You will enjoy this system once you put it in.


Andy Scarpa - Wisconsin
Got the unit and installed it in the basement under kitchen sink. From start to finish it took about two hours. Hardest part was drilling through kitchen sink; I used three different bits and made the hole larger each time till I was at the proper size hole. Flushed the tank 3 times and started using unit. Saves trips to the grocery store to fill three 5gal. jugs for water cooler. I now fill just one 3gal. jug for water cooler. Great to now easily use premium water for coffee and tea as well as for cooking. Tap water had chlorine taste but wasn't bad. Filtered water has almost no taste. Tested water from tap and it was 105 to 180 ppm during different tests. Filtered water comes out a 3 to 8 ppm. Quite happy with product.


Dan Monigold - Illinois
The RO-PERM system is simply amazing. My house water pressure measures around 35 psi. Due to the low pressure I have had trouble with other RO filters producing enough water. The RO-PERM system completely eliminated the pressure problem. Using the free gift TDS meter my source water measured at 376! The RO-PERM filter reduces the TDS amount to 13!! It is great to know that I now have clean and healthy drinking water and ice for my family, dog, and aquarium!!


Terri Cross - Mt. Clare, West Virginia
I purchased the Iron Hydro 10, and an RO PERM system, and I could not be happier. It has taken the iron smell, stains, etc... out of my well water, and our drinking water could not be better. More importantly, I want to commend the wonderful customer service of APEC, specifically "KEN" who was very helpful, polite, considerate, and very knowledgeable! I have since recommended APEC to many friends. Thank you!


Gretchen Roman - Idaho
We have an off-grid home with well water that tested 14mg/liter for fluoride. I was worried that nothing could remove that much fluoride, but we just got our test results from the RO sample, and the fluoride is now .1mg/liter! We did add a fluoride filter to the RO-PERM, and we are completely thrilled with these results. We can drink our water again, and we don't have to contemplate moving. We drank this water for twelve years before having these tests run - I encourage everyone with well water to have it tested for fluoride, arsenic, uranium, and anything else that may pertain to the area you live.


Donald - Massachusetts
My wife and I bought our home 8 years ago and it has a private well. From day one we never drank the water because we did not trust it. We have been buying spring water this whole time for drinking and cooking, not that there is any guarantee that spring water is any better than my well water because that industry is not regulated at all. The last time I had the well water tested by a lab, I was told that my arsenic level was right on the standards line for that year and it would be above the standards line the following year because the government standard was being reduced after that year. Unfortunately I cannot find that last report so I cannot quote numbers, but no matter because now after installing my RO system I bought from, when I tested the RO water my arsenic level was reported < 2ug/L ppb which is well below the 10 ug/L ppb standard now set.

When I bought my system I got a free water tester that tests the TDS in the water. I had a little fun with this and tested my well water, the water from my RO system, and water from a bottle of Poland Spring. My results follow: My well water: 245ppm, Poland Spring Water: 22ppm, From my RO system: 15ppm (94% reduction from my well water) The system I bought, a couple of weeks before Christmas, is the RO-PERM system and I had the company add the UV light as a sixth stage to my system because I am paranoid about the well water quality and the extra $135 is a small price to pay for peace of mind. This RO system is by far the best I found. I have been researching them for quite sometime now and never bought one because the companies I found that were selling them did not offer what I deemed as required by my research in an RO system. No more buying 10 to 15 gallons of spring water a week for my family and me.


Jim Jones - Iowa
We bought our RO-PERM system with the upgraded faucet in December 2010. I was surprised to see that it all came in one neatly packed box. The instructions were so easy to follow, and the pictures were so good you almost didn't need instructions. I did have to purchase a different refrigerator connection, which I used the hose for the refrigerator and the water line tap to connect the main line. My house is over 100 years old and didn't have the right connections. I drilled a new hole in our porcelain cast iron sink for the new faucet, which looks great. Everything else has the quick connect fittings, and no leaks. The TDS of our water before the system was 242, and after was 10. The water tastes so good now and the ice cubes are clear. We would recommend your water systems to everyone. We are saving up for the whole house system. Thank you very much.


Terry Kline - Florida
Last month (7/2010), we purchased the RO-Perm for our new (well water)home. Prior to installation, our water tasted salty and had a chemical odor...Even our pets refused to drink it. Now we have delish water and crystal clear ice cubes & everyone is so happy...Except, on the downside, had we waited just a few weeks, we would have saved an additional $86.00 during your SUPER SALE...Hey, who doesn't like a good bargain? Oh, I almost forgot...Great customer service. A rep spent almost 45 minutes on the phone with me, before I placed my order. He did not push for the sale but answered, at great length, every question which I asked. I thank him for helping me decide to make this excellent purchase...I'll drink to that!


Clinton Meador - California
I purchased your RO Perm unit over a year ago to make drinking water from a well here in Baja Mexico. I can't tell you how happy I am with the unit. With the local water plant not working our little system has taken care of us as well as a couple of our friends. I use 4 pre filters (50, 20, 5 and 1 micron) to filter the well water before it even gets to my unit, the well water is around 1900 PPM and when complete our water is 180/210 PPM and taste great. Because water is hard to come by down here, we return the brine water to the reservoir tank to be filtered again if needed. We are unique in that the electricity for the pump is furnished by my solar system. I have had several people from our camp look at my system and I always give them your company name. Over the last 10 years I have used other products none of which can hold a candle to yours. Love the USA products.


Mark T - Illinois
Thanks for a really nice product. I have well water and used bottled water - but I really was bothered with all that plastic going in the recycle bin week after week - so, I ordered and installed the RO Perm system. If you are patient, you should not have a problem installing the system. The instructions are accurate. I am lucky in that my laundry room is directly below the kitchen - so, I simply ordered a bit of extra tubing to feed to the faucet and was able to have the entire unit in the room below (mounted on the wall of the laundry room.) The water is great. My well water TDS readings are from 1100 to 1200 PPM. The RO water TDS readings range from 085 to 118 PPM. Not sure why I don't have even lower readings but they are good and the water tastes great. Overall, very pleased. Customer Service is great and the product is well made.


Gene P
The replacement UV light arrived promptly. It is now installed and leak free. The original defective UV light will be dropped off at UPS today to be returned. As a note, after less than 1 week with your Permeate Ultra Reverse Osmosis in use (Without the UV Light) I can honestly say that the water taste quality is 100% better. In the past, I would typically avoid drinking our well water here while preferring bottled water, and the salt from our home water softener ruined any chance of a decent glass of iced tea. Your RO system has made my water a pleasure to drink & my iced tea taste what I was hoping for. No more bottled water here! It didn't take long to convince other family members that your RO system was money well spent. Thanks again.


Mike Smith - Florida
Installed the RO-PERM permeate reverse osmosis system and installation was straight forward and quite easy. My system is connected to well water and currently have about a 92% to 95% TDS rejection rate. Pressure is about 50 psi out of the tank and I have it connected to the ice maker on my refrigerator. Great company, good follow up emails and great products made in the USA.


Ron & Lynnette Rother - Minnesota
I wanted an RO system that would not only provide superior drinking water, but would function properly on a city water system that delivers medium water pressure (40 psi). The APEC RO-PERM system is a proven winner at my house! We are very pleased with the performance of this unit. I found installing this unit was very simple and straightforward. The directions were easy to follow and even used color coded lines to help with the set up. Even the most novice person would have no problems doing the installation.

Our system is mounted in the basement's utility room, rather than under the kitchen sink. I mounted the unit on a single board for easy attachments to the wall, using a couple of shelf brackets to support the tank shelf. I purchased a compression-type master valve (no soldering) for connection to the soft water line. A single line runs from the RO system that feeds the refrigerator's ice maker, and a kitchen drinking faucet. We have clean, clear ice, and great tasting water. And, even though the faucet is located 30 ft. from the unit, we have excellent pressure at the faucet. We also plan on hooking up a feeder line to our furnace humidifier. Once again, the APEC RO-PERM performs as advertised!


Daniel Deter - Kentucky
Recently purchased the system that is designed for low pressure well water systems. Was replacing an aging Culligan RO system. The RO-Perm was easy to install - great directions. Took really about an hour since I was using many of the lines and connections from my old system. I couldn't get one of the filter housings to seal properly. Called customer service and they sent the needed replacement parts right away. Fixed the problem. We've had it working for about 2 weeks now. What a difference compared to my old system. The pressure and quantity of the water is a huge improvement. Haven't run out yet even filling large containers for various cooking tasks. And we think it even tastes better than before. Am extremely pleased with the system. Although we'll really know its true quality and reliability only after several years of use. But for now couldn't be happier. Have already talked about it with friends. Appreciate the good product.


Joseph Grigelaitis - Illinois
I am very impressed with APEC and your customer service. I have been researching RO systems and was getting discouraged because I have only about 35 psi water pressure and no nearby electrical outlet to power a auxiliary pump. Fortunately, I came to your website and contacted by phone a representative who recommended the RO-PERM system. This is the only system that I have seen that has this type of technology to enhance the performance of low pressure installations. I ordered the system and installed it yesterday. It looks fantastic and performs perfectly. I was a little concerned about installing the system myself, but the instructions were very clear and I had no problems. I was particularly impressed with the included TDS gauge that was included in the system purchase. My untreated tap water had a reading of 150 ppm and the purified water had a reading of 20ppm... Thank you for the great system and a flawless purchase and installation experience.


Steve Byes - Indiana
I have installed the new pump that you shipped to me at no charge. That seems to have fixed my high TDS readings. I now get consistent TDS readings from my Perm RO System between 19 and 29. This still seems to be a little high but I believe the system is functioning properly. Thanks for your quick response to my problem. It has been a pleasure to do business with a company that produces a quality product and has such a helpful service department. I intend to follow your directives for changing filters and I believe this sytem will give me many years of dependable service. If I have any more problems, I know you are people I can rely on for help.


Robert Haught - Michigan
I just wanted to take a moment to congratulate you on a fine product. I ordered my RO-Perm over a weekend and had it in Michigan by Wednesday. I installed it in a little over an hour, placed in the basement, and it pumps water upstairs to the kitchen without an extra delivery pump. Thanks for guiding me away from spending extra money for no reason. The rotten egg smell is completely gone, and many of your competitors do not even claim to treat that problem. The ice is clear and the water is delicious. Everything was just as you said. I highly recommend your company to anyone considering an RO product. Thanks again!


Gary Donahoo
I just finished installing the RO-Perm last night. I got up this morning to the freshest, clearest water possible. My TDS reading before being purified by the RO was 857, but with my new RO system it is reading 8. You can see a real difference in the water before it is treated. The color before treatment is quite dingy, but after treatment, it is crystal clear and tastes great. I would highly recommend your system. The directions are very clear and it took a little over an hour to install.



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