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What is the Difference Between Reverse Osmosis Water and Distilled Water?

RO water is comparable (or better) than distilled water. Distillation systems are not designed to remove chlorine and other chemicals completely from water. Organics such as herbicides and pesticides, with boiling points lower than 100°C, cannot be removed efficiently and can actually become concentrated in the product water.

Distilled water systems can be more costly to maintain than RO systems. It needs to operate using electricity for water heating and some systems will waste 5 gallons of water (or more) to produce one gallon of pure water. Also, the condensing gasket and o-rings components on distillation systems may need to be replaced once a year due to buildup and this replacement requires a special tool for installation. The cost of this tool and gasket are very expensive.

RO systems do not require electricity and only uses your home’s incoming water pressure to purify drinking water. The only maintenance needed is yearly filter replacements. RO purification is as good or better than distilled method because of simpler maintenance and at a fraction of the cost.


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