Complete your dream home with Clean & Soft Water
General Whole House Filtration Systems

Whole House Water Filters

General whole house water filtration for chlorine, sediment and odor removal

Improved water taste, reduced allergies & dry sensitive skin from water chemicals. Enjoy chlorine-free water at every faucet!

System Price starts at: $869

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Salt-Free Water Conditioners

Natural soft water without using salts

Reduces hard water scale, prolongs life of appliances and pipes, reduces water spots and easier cleaning. Softer skin & smoother hair.

System Price starts at: $1149

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Whole House Solution System

Whole house package

Whole House Water Filter and Salt Free Water Softener Combo is designed for performance, durability and reliability. Perfect for 1-3 bathrooms

System Price starts at: $1949

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Total Solution Water Purification

Complete general whole house package

Our most popular 3-in-1 solution. Get bottled quality water for drinking, chlorine-free and soft water for the entire home at a discounted price!

System Price starts at: $2449

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Speciality Whole House Filtration Systems

Salt-Based Water Treatment Systems

Complete scale & hardness removal for home & business

Auto-backwashing systems designed for high-capacity water softening & scale removal. Smart meter technology minimizes salt & water use to save time, money & trouble.

System Price starts at: $1399

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Basic Whole House Water Filters & Housings

Affordable 10" & 20" compact water filter solutions

Our simple, affordable & customizable whole house filtration line. Offers different filter sizes, flow rates, and configuration options to help you treat your specific water issues.

System Price starts at: $49

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Iron & Hydrogen Sulfide Removal Systems

Orange stains & rotten egg smell - Gone forever!

Specially catered to those with iron/sulfide water problems, to remove red/orange stains or rotten egg smells. High capacity system for the entire home.

System Price starts at: $1449

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Sediment & Turbidity Removal Systems

Heavy sediment & fine dust removal

Specially designed for those with high amounts of fine sediment & turbidity water issues, where regular sediment filters are ineffective.

System Price starts at: $1099

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Whole House Fluoride Removal Systems

Full Protection from Fluoridated Tap Water

Removes fluoride from the water at every faucet. Protects against fluoride ingestion, inhalation & skin absorption.

System Price starts at: $2199

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Calcite pH Neutralizer

Increases pH to neutralize acidic water

Raises low pH water to more natural balanced levels. Protects against copper pipe corrosion and blue & green staining.

System Price starts at: $1099

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Whole House UV Sterilizers

Protection against bacteria & viruses for the entire home

Heavy duty UV light disinfection system. Effectively treats water sources which contain microorganisms and bacteria, including e.coli, giardia, flu viruses and more.

System Price starts at: $619

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