At Home Water Quality Test Kits: Discover Your Water’s Safety

At Home Water Quality Test Kits: Discover Your Water’s Safety

At Home Water Quality Test Kits: Discover Your Water’s Safety


You use water in your home daily for hygiene, chores, cooking, drinking, and even playing! You might be surprised by what is actually in your water, and the effects it may have on your home and health. A drinking water test kit will help you understand the possible risks you may be facing with the state of your home’s water.


APEC drinking water testers mainly measure the bacteria, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), and pH balance in your home’s water. This is vital for understanding if your water is safe for consumption or general use in your household.


The best home water test kit for you depends wholly on your main water concerns. Each of the APEC water quality test kits below includes a brief description of what the tester measures and its high-quality features. Explore the products below to determine which will best meet your needs.


Total dissolved solids include all of the elements in your water, whether good or bad. Some elements for example include minerals, metals, salts, etc. TDS levels will affect the taste of your water, and maybe even your health depending on how high the levels are and what the specific elements are. TDS levels are usually somewhere between 50 ppm-1000 ppm, however, levels above 500 are most likely to contain harmful elements, and levels above 1000 are considered unsafe for consumption.


If your drinking water tester measures high TDS levels, the most effective way to treat it is by using a Reverse Osmosis Water Filter. An RO filter pushes water through a fine membrane, removing any possible contaminants and providing ultra-pure water.


Whether it’s water or some other substance, pH measures how basic or acidic something is. A normal pH balance for water will be between 6.5-8.5. Low pH levels may contain more contaminants and even have corrosive effects in the body and home. High pH levels are not harmful but may affect the taste of your water and even cause dry, itchy, or irritated skin.


If your drinking water tester reads a high pH in your water, there is a way to treat it right from your home. While some methods involve adding acidic substances to even it out, you may want to consider using a water filter to reduce the ph naturally at the source. APEC offers an array of Calcite pH Neutralizing Water Filters that will effectively balance out the pH in your water.

  1. 4.01 PH Buffer Solution

    This high quality 4.01 pH buffer solution is prepared according to precise formulas for the balancing of pH levels in water. Commonly used in water purification plants, in the food industry, and wherever the pH is expected to be slightly acidic, this solution will be suitable for use with your PHMETER checker or any quality tester that has been calibrated according to the NIST standards.

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  2. 7.01 PH Buffer Solution

    This popular 7.01 pH buffer solution is the most widely used among all buffer solutions for pH calibration. This quality buffer is a NIST standardized reference solution, prepared according to precise formulas and standardized for use with your PHMETER checker.

    The 7.01 pH buffer value is widely used in water purification plants, in the food industry and where ever the pH is expected to be slightly acidic.

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  1. Total Chlorine Water Testing Kits

    The Total Chlorine Water Check test strip is a TMK (Thio-Michler's Ketone) Colourimetric Aperture Strip designed around patented technology to meet USEPA guidelines for screening all drinking water sources. The water quality test reports accurate results from 0.02 ppm (mg/L) to 10.0 ppm (mg/L).

    The Total Chlorine Water Check test kit makes on-site and field testing quicker and easier than current methods available. Since there are no powders or tablets to mix, no technical training is required, no hazardous chemicals are used, and water quality test results are achieved in less than 1 minute.

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  2. Total Hardness Level Water Testing Kits

    Total Hardness test strips for water quality are the ideal solutions for many projects. This test kit is great for residential tap and well water hardness evaluation. These test strips offer a wide range of detection and are calibrated to be both sensitive and accurate.

    With their low cost and high accuracy, Total Hardness test strips will also save you valuable time. No more counting drops or waiting for laboratory results. With these hardness strips you are in control and can find out exactly where your calcium level is before it becomes a problem and what type of water softener solution you need to reduce the hardness.

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  3. Hydrogen Sulfide Water Testing Kits

    The Low Range Hydrogen Sulfide test kit has detection limits From 0 to 2ppm (mg/L) with a low sensitivity of 0.3ppm (mg/L). With this test, the strip is inserted into the aqueous sample for 20 seconds and stirred with a back and forth motion.

    After 20 seconds, the strip is removed and discarded. The remaining discolored sample is compared to the color chart specific for this water quality test.

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  4. Well Water Home Testing Kits

    Our Well Water Check Home Test Kit offers a broad range of concentrations that can be measured using this four part kit. Accurate results are obtained in under one minute for Iron, Total Hardness, pH, and Nitrate Nitrogen/Nitrite Nitrogen, making this kit ideal for the wastewater and processing industry, as well as for home use. This patented water quality test promises to be a very attractive alternative to wet chemical tests for several reasons: a mechanical reader is NOT required; the unique indicators are reactive only to their given elements without interference from surrounding materials; and accurate results are achieved in under one minute.

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  5. Complete Home Water Quality Testing Kits

    The Complete Test Kit is the first water quality test kit that lives up to its name and delivers a truly comprehensive drinking water quality test.

    Measuring for Bacteria, Nitrates, Nitrites, Hydrogen Sulfide, Total Hardness, Total Alkalinity, Total Chlorine, Free Chlorine, Chloride, Copper, Sulfate, Iron, & pH, this test kit gives the user rapid, comprehensive results that help to ensure safe drinking water without sacrificing cost.

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