APEC High-Rejection 90 GPD Reverse Osmosis Membrane for ULTIMATE RO-90, RO-PH90 & RO-PERM Systems

Sale price$78.95 USD

  • For RO-90, RO-PH90, RO-PERM, RO-CTOP, RO-CTOP-PH and RO-QUICK90 models
  • Lab-tested for highest rejection guaranteed
  • Fast response with no break-in time required
  • TFC Spiral Wound Design for superior membrane flux
  • Effective under extreme conditions with wide operating limits
  • 100% Made In USA Made in USA Industry Standard Sized Membrane

90 GPD High Rejection Rate RO Membrane

DOW FILMTEC™ MEM-90 reverse osmosis membranes are the industry’s best and most reliable filters for home drinking water. These premium-grade membranes are selectively produced elements that have been specially tested and packed by the manufacturer to guarantee the highest contaminant rejection rates possible. Additionally, these membranes also offer the fastest response time, high flow rates and excellent removal capacity immediately after install with minimal settling in period. Available only through this website, APEC is proud to be able to offer these special MEM-90 membranes exclusively to our customers.

DOW FILMTEC’s advanced membrane technology and automated fabrication allow their elements to deliver consistent performance that equipment suppliers, water treatment dealers, and residential customers can rely on. These FILMTEC membranes are deliver excellent performance in terms of flux, salt and organics rejection, and microbiological resistance.

Operating Limits

Membrane Type

Polyamide Thin-Film Composite

Maximum Operating Temperature

113 DegreeF (45 DegreeC)

Maximum Operating Pressure

150 psig (10 bar)

Maximum Feed Flow Rate

2.0 gpm (7.6 lpm)

pH Range, Continuous Operation


pH Range, Short-Term Cleaning


Maximum Feed Silt Density Index


Free Chlorine Tolerance

< 0.1 ppm

Specification Table

APEC Item Code


GPD (Gallon per Day @ 60psi)


Stablized Salt Rejection %



1.75 x 11.75L


0.72 lbs

  1. Permeate flow rate and salt rejection based on the following test conditions: 250 ppm softened tap water at 50 psig, 77 DegreeF (25 DegreeC), and 15% recovery.
  2. Permeate flows for individual elements may vary Plus/-20%.
  3. Minimum stabilized salt rejection is 98.0%.