Replacement PH Electrode

Sale price$52.99 USD

  • Spare pH Electrode for Industry Best Pocket-Size pH Tester
  • Supplies Fast & Accurate Readings from 0.00 to 13.00 pH
  • Tester features a Simple to Perform 2-Point Calibration
  • Easy to Replace pH Electrode, Simply Unscrew & Disposed
  • Fast, Accurate and Lightweight with 3000 Hours of Battery Life

Testing PH Has Never Been Easier!

This spare pH electrode is for the PHMETER pH testing meter. Excellent for general purpose, and field applications including tap, well, aquarium and pool water testing.


  • Reference: Single, Ag/AGCI
  • Junction: Cloth
  • Connector: Screw Cap Connector
  • Electrolyte: Gel
  • Max. Pressure: 0.1 bar
  • Range: 0 to 13 pH; 0 to 50 DegreeC
  • Tip Share: Spheric (dia:3 mm)
  • Temperature Sensor: No
  • Amplifier: No
  • Body Material: Polypropylene
  • Cable: No
  • Recommended Use: General purpose, field applications