APEC RO Replacement Filters for All-in-One Tankless Reverse Osmosis Systems

Sale price$119.99 USD

  • 600 GDP Reverse Osmosis Filter, All in One, Removes 99% of impurities
  • Compatibility: Only compatible with APEC ROTL-AIO reverse osmosis system
  • Multiple layers filtration effectively removes impurity such as harmful heavy metals and chemicals
  • Changing out filters on the ROTL-AIO could not be simpler – Just twist and pull. No tools required
  • Recommend changing every 12 months

Replacement Filter for ROTL-AIO

The APEC replacement filter for ROTL-AIO is developed to perform to the highest standards in water purification. The all-in-one filter efficiently removes harmful impurities from drinking water in the following stages with APEC proprietary technology. [1st - ACF] Captures sediment, [2nd - RO-600G] Intercepts dissolved solid ions, [3rd - CB] Improves taste and odor, [4th - PP] Removes carbon particles from 3rd Stage Carbon Block. This filter is compatible with ROTL-AIO reverse osmosis system ONLY

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