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Omnipure GAC Carbon Inline Filter, K-Series 2.5 Inch x 12" (1/4 NPT*)

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  • 1/4" Standard NPT Input/Output Female Connector
  • Effective Chlorine, Taste & Odor Reduction for Pre RO Systems
  • Disposable Inline Filter for Easy Installation & Replacement
  • 12" Length by 2.5 Inch Diameter Sizes
  • Spring Disc Design Reduces Media Channeling
  • Friction-Welded Construction Provides a Reliable, No-Leak Seal
  • Certified to NSF 42 Standard, Made in USA Made in USA


OMNIPURE's K-Series 1/4” Quick-Connect inline GAC filters are compact and versatile coconut activated carbon filters which will effective reduce chlorine, taste and odors from the water and are a great value for applications where long life, high purity and low change-out frequency are required. No glues or binders were used in the manufacturing process but instead, components are friction-welded together producing a reliable, no-leak seal. Omnipure inline filters are available in a variety of sizes and connections and are used with reverse osmosis systems, water filters, ice machines, water coolers, drinking fountains and in any applications where better tasting water is important.

Specification Table

APEC Item Code


Manufacture Item Code

K5636-BB/ K5628-BB

Filter Length

2.5” x 12”

Volume Cubic Inch


Service Life Gal. or 1 year


Pipe Size Quick-Connect*


Mesh Size


*NPT (National Pipe Thread)- Traditional threaded, twist-on fitting connector.
NPT = FPT (Female Pipe Thread)

Omnipure BB connectors

About Omnipure

The Omnipure Filter Company developed the world's first disposable inline water filter in 1969 and their products soon found regular usage as an accessory attached to ice machines, refrigerators, water coolers, coffee machines, and as a component in other filtration systems such as Reverse Osmosis Systems and other multi-level filtration processes. With over 44 years in the water industry, Omnipure has built a reputation for manufacturing the world's best disposable inline water filters.