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Leak Detector Water Shut-off Valve

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  • Shuts off the incoming water when a leak is detected
  • Absorbent pad expands when wet to trigger lever and activate shutoff valve
  • Compact design for unobstructive, out-of-sight installation
  • Works anywhere without the need for electricty or batteries
  • Easily attaches to any smooth surface with a screw or adhesive pad
  • Works with reverse osmosis and other water filtration systems
  • Inexpensive way to protect your home and valuables from water damage

Simple and Effective Leak Controller

This innovative water leak detector uses a lever trigger mechanism to shut off incoming water in the event of a leak. An absorbent expanding pad is fitted into the device and when water comes into contact with the material it will expand in size. This action will flip up a lever which shuts off the incoming water supply. This leak detector is completely maintenance free as it does not require electricity or batteries. It can be easily installed on any surface with a simple screw and adhesive pad but it should be placed close to where a water leak may pool near the water source. This detector works well with reverse osmosis and other water filtration systems.

Product Features

  • 1/4" x 1/4" Quick Connect Fittings
  • Uses Replacement Expanding Pads
  • Screw, Magnetic, & Adhesive Installation