John Guest Acetal Tube to Hose Stem (1/4" Tube OD x 1/4" Hose ID) (PI250808S)

Sale price$2.95 USD

    • 1/4" Tube OD x 1/4" Thread NPTF
    • Gray acetal copolymer with food grade nitrile O-ring
    • Simple to use and requires no tools for installation


John Guest has a long established reputation as a world leading manufacturer of push-in fittings, tubings, and other fluid control products. They are well-known in the industry for producing consistently high quality products with an ongoing commitment to value engineering and product development.

John Guest manages both their design and manufacturing processes in-house at their modern, custom-built facilities in the United Kingdom. Their quality line of Push-In Fittings have been designed for use with a wide range of industrial water treatment applications and systems including Water Purification, Reverse Osmosis, Ice Makers, Beverage Dispensing, Vending & OCS, R.V. and Marine, Car Washing Systems and many more.

This John Guest inch acetal fitting is constructed of gray acetal copolymer with food grade nitrile O-rings, making them especially suitable for applications involving foodstuff, potable liquids, air and inert gases. It is simple to use and require no tools for installation, while delivering a 100% leak-free seal every time.

ACETAL FITTINGS (GRAY) - Tube to hose stem

  • Gray acetal copolymer with food grade nitrile O-ring
  • Tube sizes option from 1/4" O.D. to 1/2" O.D.
  • Specially suitable for
    • applications involving foodstuff and potable liquids and
    • air and inert gases and therefore be used in CO2 lines, pneumatic applications and vacuum


5/32" - 5/16" 3/8" - 1/2"




- 4 DegreeF 230 psi 150 psi

Potable Liquids and Air

Plus 33 DegreeF 230 psi 150 psi
Plus 68 DegreeF 230 psi 150 psi
Plus 150 DegreeF 150 psi 100 psi


To Connect
Push the tube into the fitting and up to the tube stop.
Pull on the tube to check that it is secure.
To Disconnect
Push the collet square against the fitting. With the collet held in this position the tube can be removed.