SKU: CT-1000

CT-1000 Countertop 1 Stage Ultra Water Filter

Sale price$62.95 USD

  • Lightweight, portable countertop filter ideal for chlorinated city water
  • US made filter reduces chlorine, odor, sand, silt, sediment, and rust
  • Filter provides several times longer life than faucet filters and pitcher filters
  • No installation, just plug and drink! Excellent travel companion

CT-1000 Countertop Water Filtration System

This countertop water filter is a good choice for people who want a basic, portable, yet effective water filter. It removes the harmful effects of sediments, lead, chlorine, unpleasant tastes and odors from your water. The long lasting filter is a great value, combining excellent filtration at an affordable price. The filter treats 99% of aesthetic chlorine, lasting 6,000 gallons of water. Its Extruded Carbon Block cartridge is solid and powerful and will never leak carbon powders or form bypasses like other granular/powder carbon cartridges. This means no clogging and undesirable bypasses of impurities.

Other benefits to enjoy:

  • Washing and rinsing fruits and vegetables, free of chlorine tastes and odors
  • Using in the bathroom for beauty washing, baby baths, and oral hygiene
  • Feeding beloved pets, dogs, cats, fish…
  • Watering house plants which thrive better in good water

Saves you time and money compared to small faucet-filters, and pitcher-filters:

  • CT-1000 filter $69: gives 2,500-6,000 gallons (or 12 months) --> $0.01 per gallon
  • Faucet-filter $17: gives 100 gallons (or 4 months) --> $0.17 per gallon
  • Pitcher-filter $8: gives 40 gallons (or 2 months)-->$0.20 per gallon
  • So if you use 3 gallons per day, 1,095 gal per year, you will save hundreds of dollars per year with APEC's countertop water filter.

Contaminant reduction Capacity

Lead / Heavy Metals

2,500 gal


6,000 gal

Chlorine, Taste, Odor, Various Chemicals

6,000 gal

Specification Table



Micron Rating

0.5 µm Nominal, 1 µm Absolute

Replaceable Filter Cartridge Part Number

FI-PB1 (recommend replacing once a year)

Cartridge O.D. X Length

2.5 Inch X 9.80"

Lead Reduction

2,500 gal. @ 0.75 GPM

Standard 53 Cyst & Class Turbidity

Cryptosporidium, Giardia, Lead, VOCs & MTBE removal

Chlorine Reduction

>6,000 gal @ 0.75 GPM

Initial ΔP

4.0 psid @ 0.75 GPM


Precision Continuous Extruded Carbon Block

Carbon Type & Source

Steam Activateuminous Carbon

Max. Operating Temperature

125 Degree (F)

Max. Operating Pressure

200 psig

Max. Differential Pressure

100 psid