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Top 5 Reasons people retain water

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Although the human body is mostly made of water, it is not normal for people to gain weight because of excessive water accumulation in the body. This condition, in fact, is the result of an imbalance not only in water but in the important electrolytes and minerals (sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, etc.) that our body needs. Water retention can also be a wake-up call for you that you may be developing a serious medical problem.

Best evaluated and addressed by a healthcare specialist, water retention can be caused by one of these five major reasons:

running girl1. Dietary Habits

The consumption of excess sodium is the main culprit in water retention. Sodium can be found in large quantities in processed foods, restaurant dishes (especially fast food), and even in foods, you may not suspect (salad dressing, cereals, and canned soup). When possible, cook at home using filtered water and low sodium recipes and read labels carefully before purchasing food products.

Nutritional deficiencies (vitamins B1, B6, and B5, and protein) can also trigger water retention. You should also be aware that a low-carbohydrate, high-protein diet can put unnecessary strain on the kidneys, the organ responsible for controlling water in our bodies. Your kidneys are responsible for filtering a number of substances and can become strained if they have to detoxify and eliminate unusually high quantities of protein.

2. Lack of Exercise

Whether it is too much standing, sitting for long periods of time, lying down because of injury, sickness, pregnancy, or not having a very active lifestyle, lack of exercise is a major reason for water retention. When you exercise, you force the veins to carry back waste products and used-up blood to the heart, which, in turn, cleans that blood, with the aid of other organs. This aids in the secretion (much of it through the bladder) of excess fluids.

People who don’t exercise, on the other hand, often develop swollen limbs, over-burdened organs, and weight gain. Exercise is, in fact, one of your best defenses against water retention.

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