Colon Health and Water: Colon Hydrotherapy

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There is a new therapeutic alternative for digestive health- hydrotherapy from the inside out. Karen McConnell is a certified colon hydrotherapist from Honesdale, Pennsylvania. She is a member of the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy (IACT) and has been performing the procedure for a few years now.

In an interview with Wilkes-Barre, Pa's the Weekender written by Donna Talarico, McConnell said, "We are so built up with toxins; this helps improve health, helps us heal, and gives us more energy."

The colon is the body's septic tank, meaning the place where waste and toxins are stored. A healthy colon should be clean to effectively produce vitamins B and K, and to absorb water, she explains. So, when someone's colon is filled with waste and blockages, it does not function properly which can lead to more serious digestive tract problems.

Enter colon hydrotherapy. This procedure, according to the IACT website is a method of removing waste from the large intestine by pumping warm, filtered ware into the colon. This water loosens, softens, and removes waste. With a procedure like this comes apprehension, and generally speaking about the colon area is taboo to some- because of this stigma, colon health is often ignored. It shouldn't be. Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in the United States. Also, over 70-millions Americans suffer from bowel problems, spending a collective $400-million on laxatives and other related products.

If one decides to, as McConnell puts it, give their body a drink from the inside, here are the steps. The first thing to do is find a certified therapist on the IACT website. On the day of the appointment, you cannot eat or drink two hours before the procedure. Once you arrive, you are given paperwork to sign and informational material. The procedure itself is done in a highly sterile room. Clients will disrobe from the waist down and put on a gown. They lie in the bed and the therapist lubes the anus. Usually, he or she will let the person insert the speculum themselves. Prior to that, depending on the therapist, he or she may relax you using lavender. McConnell does.

"Colon hydrotherapy can be taxing on the nervous system," she said, explaining why she likes to relax her clients.

The speculum has two hoses- one to pump in the clean water and one to pump out the waste. These tubes run through a lighted panel so people can actually see what is clogging their insides. At first, the therapist will let the water run in and out just to get the client used to it. Then, the soak mode occurs. They will fill your intestines as much as you can handle- it does not hurt, but many will feel like they have to pee- and then it soaks. Then, she releases after several minutes. This goes on two to three times.. During a fill, you could also receive an abdominal massage with lavender to help stay calm.

Inserting the speculum is probably the hardest part for people, but once it passes the sphincter muscle, it can't be felt. When it comes out, it also hurts a tad, some say. Afterward, you are sent to the bathroom to empty anything that hasn't been emptied from the tubes. This could be an odd sensation; a liquid coming out of where it is usually solid. But, with the amount of water released, it should be clear how hydrated the body got.

In essence, this procedure serves as flushing of impurities. McConnell says anyone can get it done, but people who are older see the best results. Usually, one will have three sessions for their initial treatment.

"A lot (of my clients) have bowel issues and already see better bowel movements. Some people do not feel heartburn or indigestion. After three sessions, the skin can even improve. You are getting hydrated from the inside," she said.

This procedure is something that has caught on in Hollywood as well. While it cannot be billed as a weight-loss method, some report a flatter tummy after several sessions. But, the whole process makes a lot of sense. Water is crucial to the digestive process. But, when intestines are clogged, digestion is hindered. This safe and effective way of detoxing the colon and intestines can be crucial to preventing those debilitating colon problems down the line.

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