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Purify Your Water May Heal Indigestion

Water bottle contaminants

Contaminated drinking water can reap havoc on all the internal organs of the body and can cause a host of health concerns. If you live in the city, you should be wary of chemical additives such as chlorine, chloramines and fluoride which are routinely added municipal water supplies. These substances are all toxic at higher levels and at even low levels can cause discomfort and indigestion. For people who are on well water or live in the countryside, microbial contaminants are a concern. This is particularly true for those located in agricultural areas where there are farms and livestock. Bacteria and parasites thrive in this type of environment and these contaminants can produce a cycle of nausea, indigestion and illness that is very harmful.

Always know where the source of water comes from whenever possible. If you live in the city limits, a bi-annual report should be on file at the water company for you to review the water quality. Regardless of where you live, it is always advisable to get a quality home water filtration system that will remove chemicals, heavy metals and bacteria from drinking water.

If indigestion is an ongoing problem, then a possible solution would be to purchase a water filter, one that takes out as many contaminants as possible such as a reverse osmosis system. This alone can work wonders on improving your digestive system. Water is actually the cure for many ailments, including heartburn and indigestion and drinking water helps feed and fuel the body to excrete waste and run efficiently, contributing to overall good health.

Heal the Planet
As inhabitants of the planet, it is everyone’s responsibility to make sure they walk softly on the land and do their best to use products that are environmentally healthy for the earth and themselves. This is not hard to do, for there are many products on the market today which work with the environment and not against it. Taking action in this way will be a great step towards reversing this growing problem.

Support businesses that care for the health of the society as well as the environment. Food and water go hand in hand and organic foods are a good alternative. Household products should have simple ingredients which are also easy to read. If the words are unidentifiable, stay away from the product because they most certainly have chemicals, which in turn can cause contamination in the water system. Body care products, shampoos and soaps can also contribute to water pollution. It all comes down to a simple reality; what we put in is what we will get out. Living without chemicals in our daily lives will reap great returns in our digestive systems, our general health and the planet as a whole.