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Acne 102: Moisturizing Your Skin, Reducing Skin-Pore Clogging, and Treating Acne with Pure Water

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ACNE 102

The skin is the largest and the heaviest organ in the human body which also requires proper care. Essentially, what is good for other body organs is generally good for the skin: drinking sufficient water, eating a balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, reducing stress levels, lowering sugar intake, avoiding alcohol, and exercising.

Pure water is an important ingredient in good skin care in and out, through and through. One drinks plenty of filtered and purified water to maintain adequate level of water in the body: by protecting the body from dehydration, one protects the skin from dehydration. Externally, one uses pure water to wash and cleanse gently the face and other parts of the body. One also uses pure water to moisturize the skin—not just in preventing the skin from dehydrating internally, but also in using pure water to wash the skin and use natural (and homemade) pure-water-based moisturizers to moisturize the skin.

Skin pores clog due to a blockage of follicles (the structure from which each hair grows on human skin) thus preventing the oil from exiting the pore. The human skin is constantly growing and shedding dead skin cells.

By using pure water with mild soap or cleanser, one can wash off substances that clog skin pores. A good skin-care tip is to moisturize the skin after washing: a good wash will open up the skin pores and let in as much water as the pore can hold; then seal in the pure water with your skin moisturizer. Moisturizers work by repairing the skin barrier, boosting the skin's water content, reducing the skin's water loss, and restoring the skin's natural ability to attract, hold, and redistribute water. It has been said that about 30% of the water in our outer skin layer (or the epidermis) will be affected by the conditions described here; the other two-thirds are influenced by hormonal levels, vitamin deficiency, a bad diet, toxins accumulation within the body and skin, certain drugs, and diseases.

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