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APEC RO system Promotion



You will receive:

Arrow $86 off on all of our famous home ULTIMATE Reverse Osmosis® systems.
Arrow Save addtional 5% off on ULTIMATE systems and System Upgrades at checkout
Arrow Plus 2 FREE gift items (Extra Filter Set & Water Quality Tester) - $80 value.

  1. Extra Set of Filters - Best Value! With this extra set of 3* APEC original pre-filters (1 High Capacity Sediment, 2 Extruded Carbon Blocks), your system is covered for 2+ years with ultra-performance filtration.
  2. Water Quality Tester - Easy to use hand-held digital monitor to test and monitor your water quality in Total Dissolved Solids (TDS); it lets you know if the ULTIMATE RO System is functioning properly.

Don't miss this rare chance to get America's best RO drinking water systems at the lowest prices ever!

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Futura Whole House Water Conditioner


APEC's FUTURA Salt-Free Water Softener is effective in reducing scale buildup in your water heater, pipes and appliances. This eco-friendly system does not require electricity, backwash or chemicals to condition the water. 100% safe and approved for families with infants, children or elderly.

You will receive:

Arrow $200 off our Best Selling FUTURA Salt-Less Water Softeners!
Arrow Plus FREE 20" Big Blue Water Filter - $220 value.

Benefit from:

Arrow Softer skin, hair and clothes.
Arrow Reduced hard water spots on glasses, bathtubs, mirrors – making all your cleaning easier.
Arrow Prolonged lifespan of your water appliances by reducing scale buildup.

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APEC Total Solution


Industry's very first complete whole house water purification system is newly designed to deliver filtered water to every outlet in your home. Enjoy bottled water quality for drinking, spa quality water for showering, and clean, softened water at every faucet to protect your health and home appliances.

The Total Solution can be easily installed into any standard home plumbing system and is fully automated requiring very minimal maintenance to provide many decades of quality water for your home. Quite simply, it is our most complete and effective whole house water treatment solution ever, and for a limited time, we are offering it at an incredibly low manufacture direct introductory price!

You will receive $440 off our most Advanced Total Solution Whole House Water Treatement Systems!

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Green Carbon Whole House System Holiday Sale


You can now save $30 off on our Green-Carbon whole house water conditioning systems! In addition, you will also receive a 20" Big Blue sediment filter worth $180 in value FREE for a total of $210 in savings. Enjoy clean, chemical-free filtered water at every faucet in your home while saving time and money!

APEC's Green Carbon System is very effective in removing chlorine, chloramines, bad taste and odor, and organic compounds for your entire home. This top quality system uses premium coconut shell activated carbon to purify your water and will operate efficiently for many years without the need for user maintenance or media replacement.

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Big Blue Whole House System

For a Limited Time Save Big On Our Big Blue Filters & Housings!

For the first time ever our entire selection of Big Blue Filters and Housings are on sale. Choose from a variety of filters and housings designed to treat all types of water problems. Prices are already marked down, simply select the filter and/or housing that you like and add them to cart to save big now!

To save even more purchase one of our pre bundled Basic Whole House Water Filters which include our most popular 20" Single Stage Sediment bundle and Carbon Bundle.

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APEC Bottless Water Cooler

Enjoy the Biggest Discount on all of Our Water Coolers

We are offering the hottest deals on our coolest products – the bottleless water coolers! For only a limited time, take an additional $80 off our already discounted prices for these dual temperature, hot and cold water coolers. These water dispensers have a built in Reverse Osmosis filtration system that guarantees ultra-pure, safe, bottled quality drinking water. You will be able to enjoy an unlimited supply of delicious drinking water perfectly chilled or piping hot for every season, for many years to come.

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