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In addition to a widespread effect on the planet, water's heat capacity helps animals regulate their internal temperatures, which must be sustained within a certain range. For aquatic organisms, the external environment is subject to fewer extreme temperature changes, so internal heat is easier to maintain constant.

Water in the body also helps regulate temperature naturally by increasing or decreasing the amount of heat lost at the body surface. For example, when body temperature raises the blood vessels in the skin become wider and increases blood flow. In a cold environment, the opposite effect occurs. The blood vessels in the skin constrict and reduce the flow of blood near the surface to conserve heat. Our body controls overheating through perspiration from our sweat glands. The movement of water within our cellular systems allows our body to adapt to extreme warm and cold weathers.

Without the delicate balance of water and plasma, our body will simply begin to ‘overheat’. Water is important for the mechanics of the human body. The body cannot function without it, just as a car cannot run without gas and oil. Water in the diet comes mostly from beverages, but also from solid food. This makes it important to drink plenty of fluids. Sugary and carbonated drinks do not completely count as water intake. These drinks actually dehydrate the body and require more water to flush them out. For example, when you treat yourself to a soda you know this will dehydrate you so it is important to drink several cups of water during and after the soda. Try to drink more pure water and save those sugary drinks for a dessert or a treat. Water is a one-of-a-kind substance for many reasons. An obvious one is its unique ability to absorb heat. Water is able to absorb heat - without increasing much in temperature - better than many substances This is because for water to increase in temperature, water molecules must be made to move faster within the water; this requires breaking hydrogen bonds, and the breaking of hydrogen bonds absorbs heat.

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