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Embracing Happiness

Bloating, Water retention & Histamine

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Home Remedies Continued

  1. Consume natural diuretics – Cranberry juice, cabbage, watermelons, cucumbers, beets, tomatoes, carrots, and oats are all natural diuretics that will aid in the removal of excess fluids from the body.
  2. Yogurt – Plain low-fat yogurt that contains active cultures aid in digestion and increase the good bacteria in the belly.
  3. Water – Water is the best way to flush out your system. Drink at least 8-10 glasses a day to avoid water retention.
  4. Vitamins – Vitamins A and C help diminish the fragility of capillaries and decrease water retention.

Some other tips to avoid swollen ankles are to keep your feet up while resting, prop a few pillows under your feet. Try not to cross your legs too often as it can limit the blood flow through the thigh veins and cause swelling in the lower thigh. A very good way to limit retention is to try lifting your legs parallel to the floor while working and spending a portion of your lunch break on your feet exercising.

Lastly, drinking purified water can eliminate the chance the allergen came from chemicals found in tap water. Purified water also does not contain any bacteria or viruses which can also affect water retention and clean water consumption is one way to prevent or reduce water retention in the body. In severe cases, medicine may be required and the individual will likely be given an antihistamine, either over-the-counter or even prescription. However some drugs themselves can also cause water retention so people should always be careful when taking medication for retaining water. Water retention can become uncomfortable, especially if it occurs quite often. Do not hesitate to try several home remedies in order to find out what works best for you. It is important to consistently maintain your health, not only when you are experiencing problems. This way, your body can do what it does best and protect you from the many illnesses we are exposed to. A healthy lifestyle is the root to pursuing a long and happy life. Don’t take for granted this body we have been blessed with!

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