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The Hard link between Drinking water & cardiovascular disease

Bottled Water Contaminants

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Top 5 Water Contaminants

In the United States, Greathouse and Osborne studied 4200 adults, ages 25 to 74 in 35 different geographic areas. Their findings? Again, less heart disease mortality in hard water areas than in soft water areas. A report by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory found that the calcium and magnesium in hard water reduces the risks of heart attacks and strokes. This study compared the health records of 1,400 Wisconsin mate farmers who drank well water from their own farms. The farmers who drank soft water suffered from heart disease, whereas, the farmers who drank hard water were, for the most part, free of the problem. Sometimes, the best experiments are those nature has been silently conducting for years. Some of the most revealing water studies are seen comparing two neighboring towns in which one town alters its hard water to create softer water.

What have been the effects of this action? A higher rate of heart disease mortality. We see this in the English towns of Scunthrope and Grimsby. Both towns drank the same water with 44.4 mg/L of hardness and had identical heart disease mortality rates. Scunthrope soften its water to 100 mg/L of hardness and within a few years a striking increase in cardiovascular deaths occurred. Whereas in Grimsby the rate was virtually the same as it had been. This pattern has also been reported in the Italian towns of Crevalcore and Montegiorgio and the Abruzzo region of Italy.

The National Academy of Sciences concluded, "An optimum conditioning of drinking water could reduce the amount of cardiovascular disease mortality by as much as 15% in the U.S. When looking at the research there is a definite relationship between water hardness and heart disease mortality. We should try to drink water that has approximately 170 mg/L of hardness; the level found Ideal In Great Britain. Second, there is a definite relationship with TDS and heart disease mortality. Higher levels of TDS results in less heart disease. Proper levels of hardness and TDS are two of the beneficial properties in drinking water constituting a healthy drinking water.

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