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Can shower or bath water cause rashes?

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Other Causes of Rashes.

  • Heat rash. Heat can bring urticaria out, or make it worse.
  • Chronic 'idiopathic' urticaria. By far the most common form of urticaria, which lasts a long time. A puzzling name for a puzzling condition.
  • Cold Urticaria. If cold brings out your hives, take great care to avoid falling in the water, and see a specialist.
  • Pressure Urticaria. There are at least two completely different kinds of urticaria brought on by pressure on the skin.
  • Cholinergic urticaria. Tiny hives when you get hot. Sunlight can cause urticaria:
  • Solar urticaria. Hives caused only by direct sunlight, a rather rare condition. The much more common 'polymorphous light eruption' can be mislabeled as solar urticaria.
  • Vasculitic urticaria, urticarial vasculitis.
  • Contact urticaria. Hives from allergy to things touching the skin.

Urticaria caused by aspirin, and by food coloring and preservatives, and salicylates are easy to determine and should discontinue the use of these products immediately. The dietitian may make tablets unnecessary, but aspirin and some other painkillers could be dangerous. Urticaria is a very rare condition however if you or someone you know has it there are always ways to reduce the rashes by finding the right method to suit your lifestyle. Be patient and stay positive, don’t give up!

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