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What Is Reverse Osmosis?
If a choice had to be made, the Ultra-filtration/Reverse Osmosis process would be elected as state-of-the-art in water treatment technology today. Reverse Osmosis (RO for short) was developed in the late 1950's under U.S. government funding, as an economical method of desalinating sea water - a dream long sought after by mankind.

Reverse Osmosis is revolutionary because it uses a completely new mechanism for processing water - the semi-permeable membrane. Surprisingly enough, it looks a lot like common household sandwich wrap and is composed of very similar polymers (plastics). That's where the similarity ends because this near miracle material is now considered one of the greatest technological achievements of our century.

It's best to look at the semi-permeable RO membrane as providing two distinct water treatment processes. First, it is the ultimate mechanical filter, or ultra-filter, straining out virtually all particulate matter, turbidity, bacteria, microorganisms, asbestos - even single molecules of the heavier organics. To appreciate the fineness of this ultra-filter, as it is referred to in the industry, its pores are on the order of .0005 microns or .0000002 (two ten-millionths) of an inch! That's smaller than can be seen by the best optical microscopes.

Second, it removes dissolved impurities (e.g. mineral salts, toxic metals) - those even smaller than the water molecules themselves - by a remarkable phenomenon known as Reverse Osmosis. With RO, the membrane is said to reject these impurities by repelling them from its surface. It is however permeable to the water molecules so that they diffuse through in a pure state and collect on the opposite side to make the product water.

Overview of Advanced Reverse Osmosis Products:

Residential Products
  Model Name
Minimum Home Pressure
Click on pictures for details
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regular $385
Sale $299

Standard tap water pressure

 40 psi 

Our most popular drinking water system! 5-stage ULTIMATE Reverse Osmosis System perfect for average homes (1-6 people) on municipal water. 
Fully automated, highest quality, ultra durable, low maintenance, fits snugly under sink. View details of the ULTIMATE Reverse Osmosis  Filter
Click to see details of ULTIMATE Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System !

High Flow
75-90 GPD

regular $425
Sale $339

Standard tap water pressure

 40 psi 

A higher flow 5-stage ULTIMATE Reverse Osmosis system for larger homes, small offices (6-10 people) on municipal water. 

Fills up storage tank twice as fast as the Standard 45 gpd system. View details of the ULTIMATE Reverse Osmosis  Filter

Click to see details of ULTIMATE Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System !


Low Pressure
45-90 GPD

regular $485
Sale $399

Lower tap water & well water pressure

 30 psi

When you have low water pressure (30-50 psi) or want to upgrade performance. Suits city-water & well-water homes and international customers.

5-stage ULTIMATE RO System comes with a non-electrical permeate pump, saves 4 times more on waste water & fills tank up to 5 times faster. View details of the ULTIMATE Reverse Osmosis  Filter

Click to see details of ULTIMATE Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System !


Extremely Low Pressure
36-45 GPD

regular $525
Sale $439

Extreme low (international & well water) pressure

 0-30 psi

For very low or no water pressure (0-30 psi) applications.

Booster-pump operated, commonly used by overseas customers whose city water provides low or no pressure. View details of the ULTIMATE Reverse Osmosis  Filter

Click to see details of ULTIMATE Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System !


75-90 GPD

regular $355
Sale $259

Lower tap water pressure 

35 psi

A dream system for mobile people! 

Light weight, portable, no installation, complete 4-stage ULTIMATE RO, manual shut-off allows user to store as much water as needed in any container. Hook up to any faucet. View details of the ULTIMATE Reverse Osmosis  Filter

Variety of Membranes
Membranes are available in a variety of materials. The most common are the so-called cellulosic type. Within this group are cellulose acetate (CA) and cellulose triacetate (CTA).

While CTA is a marked improvement over the original membrane formulation, CA, all cellulosic membranes share one shortcoming. They are susceptible to eventual deterioration from bacterial growth on the membrane surface. While this is rare in regularly disinfected or chlorinated municipal water supplies it can be a real problem when these membranes are used on non-chlorinated or private well supplies. CTA membranes do offer much better resistance to bacterial and chemical attack than CA membranes and have excellent performance on most municipal water supplies.

The latest advances in membrane technology are the new polyamide thin film composite (TFC) types. Based on an entirely new formation, the TFC membranes not only are completely impervious to bacterial attack but they also have superior rejection of impurities, higher water production and increased resistance to adverse water conditions such as pH.

Click to see details of Ultra Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System !
Healthy and Convenient! Our Featured R.O. Drinking Water Filter System


We are proud to be the authoritative website of Information on water quality solutions, water purification by reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis water filters and purifiers can remove contaminants caused by industrial and agricultural water pollution and water contamination to provide safe and pure drinking water. Many of our top quality home reverse osmosis water filter systems and electronic water softeners are currently on sale. Did you know, reverse osmosis water filtration is the most thorough method of water purification. We have been promoting reverse osmosis for 18 years. Our team of reverse osmosis experts is here to serve you! Reverse osmosis purifiers are our business.

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