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Embracing Happiness


Tips to Sober Up Faster

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The truth is, most sobering up tips and methods are myths which do not work. They often cause more harm than good as many people want to believe that there is a quick fix so they can continue to abuse alcohol.

Most Common Sober Up Myths

  1. Drink coffee – caffeine and other ingredients in coffee will not affect your liver’s ability to metabolize alcohol and can give you a false sense of alertness when in fact you are still impaired.
  2. Take a cold shower – this type of shock treatment has no effect on drunkenness and any benefits in alertness will surely dry up fast.
  3. Exercise – your body can remove some alcohol through sweat and breathing but the amount is negligible and it can be dangerous to exercise when inebriated.
  4. Breathe fresh air – this can make you feel better but it will have no effect whatsoever on your blood alcohol content level and your ability to operate a vehicle.
  5. Eat food – eating only helps if it is able to slow down the rate of absorption of the alcohol but if you wait until you are already drunk, it will be too late.

There is simply nothing we can do to make our livers work faster. And, as for the hangover- it's just what we get in exchange for partaking in some libations. Purified water can help us feel better and get us through the effects of alcohol more smoothly, but time is the best cure. Also remember that there is no easy fix for the many other health and social problems associated with excessive alcohol consumption, so please drink in moderation. In today’s world of smartphone cameras and online videos, you never know who is watching and recording your actions in public, so don’t get wasted! Your body and your good name will thank you for it.

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