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Is The pH of Pure Water Really Lower than Tap Water?

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If you are concerned with the pH of your drinking water, you should avoid guess work and get your water tested with an accurate pH tester meter (avoid those $10 paper testing strips, which are very inaccurate with pH readings). Try to use an alternative measure like resistivity: ultrapure water with resistivity of 18 MΩ cm provides a trustworthy way of ensuring the water is very close to pH 7.0. If you see that your pH is below 7 with a good amount, you can consider putting a pH increaser filter as a final stage of your reverse osmosis system and correct your acid water problem easily.

Some countries have regulations governing the pH of drinking water. Typically, the pH is recommended to be in the 6.5-9.0 range. It is our understanding that the purpose of these pH regulations are to minimize corrosion of piping materials so that metals like lead and copper do not dissolve into the drinking water supply.

It is important to know that our body naturally regulates our pH levels to find balance and equilibrium. Thus, under normal conditions it will always maintain a neutral 7.4 pH value. Water pH will automatically change when it is ingested and comes in contact with food in your stomach. Some examples of water pH and beverage pH levels:

Water pH Levels Beverage pH Levels
Sea Water = 8.6 pH Soda = 2.5 pH
Mineral Water = 7.4 pH Sports Drink = 2.9 pH
Tap Water = 6 -8 pH Coffee = 4 pH
RO Water = 5-7 pH Beer = 4.5 pH

The truth is, people drink acidic beverages all the time, but they are not aware of it. Since almost all fruit juices have lower pH, it is safe to say that it is not only safe to drink some acidic beverages but it is also beneficial. However acidic drinks such as soda should be kept to a minimal due to their high sugar content. Drinking slightly acidic water is also equally safe as long as the water is clean and contaminant free. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables every day will also help balance your body pH and keep you strong and healthy. Our body provides us with life every day; the least we can do is to treat it right. Exercise, eat healthy, stay hydrated and laugh often!

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