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Why Not Use a Whole House RO System Instead Under-Sink RO?

Water used for drinking and cooking is recommended to be of highest quality. Reverse Osmosis process is considered the finest filtration process, which meets or exceeds the requirements for safe drinking water. Since water used for drinking and cooking amounts happened to be only 1% to 2% of the total amount of water consumed a home and the rest of 98 to 99%, are used for a variety of purposes like flushing toilets, bath showers, laundry, and irrigation etc. 

It’s generally not economically feasible to install a whole house reverse osmosis system (Imagine flushing your toilet using purified bottle water). We only recommend customers to install a whole house reverse osmosis system when the supply water quality is so contaminated that no individual can use the water for general usage. If your main goal is to have high quality, purified drinking and cooking water, our under-the-counter RO system is designed for this purpose.

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