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What to Do When Leaking From Ultra Violet Light Occurs

If you notice a leak at the electrical wires of the UV light after installing your RO unit, the internal glass sleeve inside the UV housing may have been damaged during shipping.

Please follow the steps below to determine if the internal glass sleeve is damaged.

  • Shut off the feed water line to the RO unit.
  • Shut off the tank ball valve by turning the blue cap on the tank ball valve 90 degrees. This step is not required for the Countertop Models.
  • Disconnect the UV transformer power adapter from the UV blub. Ref to figure.1
  • Use a flat head screw driver to pop out the UV blub. Ref to Point B on figure.2. Do Not unscrew the cap on the UV housing.
  • Fully pull out the UV blub from the UV housing.
  • If there is moisture on the UV bulb, the internal glass sleeve is broken and the UV light needs to be replaced.
  • You may even hear broken glass rattling if you shake the UV housing.
  • Please contact an APEC Representative in reference to a replacement UV light.

Figure 1

 Figure 2

If the issue was not addressed, please contact us at:
800-880-4808, or

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