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What is the Difference Between Reverse Osmosis Water and Deionized Water?

RO systems are designed to remove 90-95% of total dissolved solids or higher. If you would like your drinking water to contain TDS as low as possible, you can consider adding a DI (deionized) filter to a RO system as a post filter. A DI filter can remove remaining total dissolve solids after a RO system through ion exchange process.

We do not recommend installing a DI as a stand-alone or pre-treatment filter for a RO system. DI filters are higher in cost and if you don’t first use RO system to remove most of the total dissolved solids in water, you may need to replace DI filter on a weekly or monthly bases.

You can review the DI filter info at http://www.freedrinkingwater.com/ww-fi-di-water-filters.htm


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