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What are the main differences between Futura Anti-Scale Water Conditioner and a classic water softener?

Classic water softeners removes hardness minerals by using sodium or potassium as the ion-exchange medium but after the exchange, sodium and potassium is released into your water pipes into your home which changes the chemistry of your water and this may not be healthful in the long term. Sodium can enter the pores of your skin through showering so we recommend removing these contaminants before drinking. Classic softeners also use lots of drain water for backwashing and electricity is needed. During the backwashing cycle, water containing sodium or potassium is flushed down the drain using 50-75 gallons of water per cycle.

Water hardness is a natural phenomenon in U.S. water sources and our Futura systems are designed to neutralize these minerals (mainly calcium & magnesium) instead of removing them so there are no changes in water chemistry because this unit does not use sodium or potassium. Futura is designed to reduce heavy mineral buildup from your plumbing pipes and water heaters and make water spots easier to remove without the use of electricity or drain water which classic water softener requires. This system will provide a healthier concept and conditioned water for many years to come compared to classic softeners.

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