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Sometimes I see some gases or tiny bubbles inside the water cup, dispensed from your RO system, yet they seem to disappear in a few minutes. What is that and shall I be concerned?

It is quite normal to see air bubbles in a cup of pure water. This mainly occurs that air can be trapped within the RO system when the unit is first installed or filters are being replaced. As water is turned on and flows through the unit, the air pockets move throughout the system. This can have an effect on the appearance of air bubbles in the water. Ro units are very effective in removing contaminants and impurities, but cannot remove gases from water. The air bubbles you see can be from gases. Gases are not harmful in anyway and should not be of any concern.

Ro units will self purge the air bubbles that can accumulate inside the unit. As you continue to draw water, trapped air will be removed by the water flow and you should quickly see a reduction in bubbles inside the water cup. You can also drain 1-2 tanks of water to quickly purge the air bubbles.

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