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Sluggish Or Very Low Water Flow At RO Dispensing Faucet

Once the system is installed, if you experience sluggish or very low water flow out of the RO dispensing faucet, please review the possible factors below.

  • Insufficient water pressure (see RO BasicsĀ for explanation) > Check water pressure. If the water pressure is too low for this chosen RO model, either increase your water pressure or add pump to RO system. Please contact an APEC Representative for support.
  • Input water to RO is blocked > Make sure Feed water valve is fully opened and unhindered.
  • The RO Storage Tank has not filled yet > Give the RO unit time to fill the storage tank, takes 2-3 hours average.
  • If tank is full, the tank maybe low on pre-charge pressure > Use an air pressure gauge to check the pre charged air pressure. Please check the pressure when the tank is completely empty. If the tank is full, you will need to disconnect the tank from the RO unit and lay it on its side to gravity force the water out the tank. Raise tank pre-charge to 5-7 psi with a bicycle pump or air compressor if needed.

If the issue was not addressed, please contact us at:
800-880-4808, or

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