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RO-CTOP Pure Water Production Rate

Input Water Pressure Time to fill 8 oz cup Time to fill 1 gallon jug Gallons Per Day
60 psi 60 seconds 16 minutes 90 gpd
50 psi 72 seconds 19.2 minutes 75 gpd
40 psi  90 seconds 24 minutes 60 gpd
30 psi 120 seconds 32 minutes 45 gpd
20 psi 180 seconds 48 minutes 30 gpd

* Production rate is based on input water temperature of 25 C (77 F).

The RO-CTOP runs solely on the input water pressure from your water pipe line.    

The speed in which the system generates pure water will depend on the water pressure that is flowing into the system. The RO-CTOP operates more efficiently at higher input water pressures, and the increased pressure helps the system to produce more pure water with correspondingly less brine water. Lower input water pressure has the opposite effect and will reduce water production while increasing brine water discharge.

The chart above shows the strong effect water pressure has on the pure water production rate of the system. A water pressure gauge (sold separately) will give you an accurate measure of your incoming water pressure. You can also use the pure water production rate of the RO-CTOP as a simple guide. For example, it should take approximately 60 seconds to fill an 8 oz cup at 60 psi, which is a good pressure and flow rate for the system. For very low water pressure, an optional booster pump (sold separately) can be added to the RO-CTOP to increase the output rate of the system.


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