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Problems Caused by Insufficient Water Pressure

The 3 most common problems caused by low input water pressure:

  1. Tank does not fill up, get little water from tank
  2. Sluggish flow at the dispensing faucet
  3. RO makes water slower than the claimed GPD

If you experience these problems, Please check your input water pressure as the first step. This will often solve the above listed problems.

How to Test Your Water Pressure:

  • Get a water pressure gauge that adapts onto your sink or garden faucet (from hardware store), attach gauge onto faucet, turn water on to FULL, then take a reading.
  • For some areas, water pressure is lower during the day and higher at night when less people are using water. To obtain an accurate pressure reading, take several measurements at different times during the day to calculate the average pressure.


If the issue was not addressed, please contact us at:
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