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Long Term RO Storage Procedures (1-3 years):

If you don’t use your RO system for an extended period, there are 2 ways to store the RO depending on whether you need to de-install the system or not.

  1. If the RO remains hooked up to your pipes: During idle period, just turn OFF the feed water (close the needle valve), and close the tank’s valve, let the RO stand as is. When ready to use the RO again, just drain out the old tank of water. Let the tank fill up, drain out the tank again to flush the system. The 3rd tank of water is ready for use.
  2. If you need to remove (disconnect) the RO from your pipes: When you disconnect the RO system from your pipes and leave the system out over time, this will expose the RO to possible contamination. So when you want to use the system again, you will need to install the system, disinfect the system with bleach, and put in all new filters to ensure water’s purity. All your old filters, they cannot store for more than one year. Below are procedures to store the RO system:
    • Turn OFF the cold water supply to the RO system. Drain out all water from storage tank.  Close the tank’s shut-off valve.
    • Take out the Stages-1, 2, 3 pre-filters from their housings. Throw away the 3 used pre-filters.  Remove stage-4 Membrane from its housing.  Drain out all water from the filter housings and water lines.
    • Wash the 3 empty housing with soap, wipe dry, spray some bleach into the housings, and put them back onto the RO system. Spray some bleach into the membrane housing. Close housing cap.
    • Remove system from your pipes, drain out any remaining water from the system. Let the parts dry out.  Spray some bleach to all the ports and line openings. Wrap system in clean plastic bag, store it in a dry place.
    • Membrane:  If membrane is old (2+ yrs), throw it away.  If the membrane is fairly new and still in good and clean condition and you plan to re-use it again within one year, you can store it in the refrigerator’s lower compartment (not in freezer). Put Membrane in a clean zip-lock bag. Use pliers to take out the old membrane. Avoid touching the membrane with your fingers to prevent contaminating the membrane.
    • When you want to use the RO system again, after installation, contact us for instructions on how to “Sanitize” the RO. You’ll need to do a bleach flush and put in new filters before restoring the system back to normal operation.

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