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How to Install IceMaker with Your Reverse Osmosis (R.O.)?

How to Connect APEC R.O. System to Your Ice-Maker, Coffee-Maker, or Second Faucet?

To connect the pure water from your RO system to your icemaker, coffee maker, or to a second faucet, you need to have:

  • One ¼” T-fitting, preferably the quick-connect type fitting (just push tubing into fitting, no inserts needed).
  • Extra ¼” tubing, long enough to go from your RO system to the icemaker, or to the destination of your 2nd water dispensing point.

See below figure and make the connection as follows:

  1. Between points C and Z is the pure water line which connects the stage-5 filter to the RO faucet, cut this water line near point C, and insert the T-fitting there.
  2. Connect the extra tubing to the T-fitting. Route tubing from the T-fitting to your icemaker, or to the destination of your 2nd water dispensing point, then make the connection there as usual.

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