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I don’t have enough space under my kitchen cabinets, but I really want to install your RO system, how can I do this?

Our under sink RO systems has a dimension of 15”L x 7”W x 17”H and a standard 4 gallon water storage tank which has a dimension of 15”H x 11” D. Usually most customers slide a system to one side of the cabinet next to wall and put the tank near the system to store purified water. The tank can also be laid on its side to save some space if under sink space is limited or if garbage disposal blocks the space to fit a tank. If available, you can consider installing the entire system in your basement or storage room and run the purified water line to your kitchen RO faucet. You can even consider installing the RO unit under the sink, but having the tank in the basement or crawlspace.

We also carry a smaller size 3 gallon tank with dimension of 14”H x 9”D, we can help replace our standard 4 gallon tank to 3 gallons tank if it is needed.

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