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RO Unit Makes Humming or Vibrating Noise

If you are experiencing a humming or vibrating noise with your RO (reverse osmosis) system, there may be air bubbles that have accumulated inside the unit or Check Valve.

Please follow the steps below to purge the air bubbles out the unit: Please refer to Figure 1.

  • Close the tank’s ball valve, by turning the blue cap 90 degrees.
  • Tilt the RO system to the right. Put something under the 3rd filter housing to keep RO tilted. This helps dislodge the air bubbles from the Check Valve.
  • Turn on the RO spigot and let the pure water flow through the spigot for about 1 minute. This forces the air to flow directly out to the spigot, bypassing the tank.
  • Turn off the spigot. Wait for about 10 seconds. Repeat the previous step again. Do that 3-4 times. If you see air sputtering out of the spigot, repeat Step-3 until pure water can flow smoothly from the spigot, or until the noise goes away.
  • When the noise is gone, open the tank valve and let RO run as usual.

Figure 1

If the noise comes back, try the above procedure again another 2- 3 times. Sometimes it takes several tries to get rid of all the air in the system.

If the noise persists after a few days, there can be air in your water source, or the current Check Valve is resonating with your water pressure and pipes, creating the noise.

In this case, a new Check Valve will solve the problem. Please contact an APEC customer service for assistance.

If the issue was not addressed, please contact us at:
800-880-4808, or

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