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How To Sanitize The Reverse Osmosis (RO) System

Here are the steps to sanitize your RO system.

  • Shut off main valve (Point X )
  • Dispense water from Pure Water Faucet (completely dispense water)
  • Remove stage 1-3 filters, from filter housing
  • Remove membrane, from membrane housing (do not remove stage 5 filter )
  • Reinstall all the filter and membrane housings with out filters and membrane (remember to pour about 6-8 ounces of chlorine / hydrogen peroxide in stage 1 housing)
  • Reattach all connections
  • Turn back on main valve (Point X )
  • Let system run, and the tank will fill up rapidly
  • Once tank is full, flush out water through faucet.
  • Do this at least two cycles, till the scent/smell of chorine / hydrogen peroxide is diluted
  • Shut off main valve (Point X) again
  • Install all new filters and membrane (including stage 5 filter)
  • Turn on main valve (Point X)
  • Let tank fill up
  • Drain out first tank
  • You Are Done!

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