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How to Move a RO System to New Home

Please follow the steps below in moving your RO system:

  1. Turn OFF the feed water supply to the RO unit.
  2. Turn ON the RO faucet (lift black lever into locked position) to drain out all pure water from the tank. 
  3. Once the tank has fully emptied, remove the YELLOW Line from the tank’s ball valve. Once the yellow tubing is removed, please turn off RO faucet.
  4. Close the tank’s ball valve by turning the blue cap 90 degrees. Spray some chlorine (bleach) to the opening of the YELLOW line and the tank valve’s port. Wrap both openings with plastic food wrap to keep in the chlorine. This will protect the yellow line and tank valve from contamination.
  5. Remove the pure water output CLEAR LINE from stage-5 TCR filter or from the RO faucet. Spray chlorine to TCR filter’s open port and to the CLEAR line, also wrap both openings with plastic wrap to protect against contamination.
  6. Remove RO’s input water line (RED) and rinse water line (BLACK) from your pipes. Spray chlorine and wrap both openings.  Now the RO system is fully uninstalled.
  7. Disconnect the RO Pure Water Faucet if you intend on taking it with the unit.
  8. If the RO sits idle for just 1 week or so, then it’s OK to leave all filters in their housings. No need to take them out. The chlorine spray will protect the line openings from contamination.
  9. If the RO will sit idle for over 2 weeks, please remove the Pre Filters and Membrane. Put them in a zip lock bag and keep the filters in the Refrigerator. 
  10. Re-install your RO system following the original instruction guide.
  11. If you need a set of new feed water adapter and drain saddle to install your system, you can order the “MOVEKIT” at this link:  http://www.freedrinkingwater.com/parts-miscellaneous.htm


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