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How to Connect Two Storage Tanks To APEC RO System

The two storage tanks should be hooked up side-by-side in parallel. The RO system fills up both tanks simultaneously. When you dispense pure water, water is drawn from both tanks simultaneously.

See figure below for tank connection:

  1. Add T-fitting to divert output into 2 directions   
    • Between points B and Y is the pure water line (Yellow line). This line feeds pure water from the RO system to the tank. Cut this line and add a T-fitting to the line to divert water into 2 directions. You can cut the line at any point that is convenient for your setup.
  2. Hook up 2 tanks side-by-side 
    • From the new T-fitting, hook up the 2 output lines to the 2 tanks.  Now the 2 tanks are hooked up side-by-side, the RO will fill up both tanks simultaneously. When you dispense water, pure water from both tanks will go through the Stage-5 polish filter before reaching the final dispense outlet.

Note:    The T-fitting and tank ball valves we provide are the Quick-Connect type fittings, so no inserts are needed, simply push the line into the fitting and it will lock tight.  To release line from fitting, press in and hold down on the fitting’s “collet” ring and pull out the line. 

Remember to check for any leaks at the connection fittings!


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