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Common Causes to Premature Membrane Failure:

There are 4 common causes that lead to premature membrane failure:

  1. Failing to replace the 3 pre-filters as frequently as needed:
    • If you’re on city water:  The over-depleted carbon pre-filters allow the chlorine to get through and damage the membrane.
    • If you’re on private well water:  The overloaded pre-filters allow excessive sediments and particles to get through and clog up the membrane surface.
  2. Your water source may contain certain micro-organism that forms a slimy film which covers up the membrane’s surface and this will reduce the life of the membrane. In this case, adding a UV light could help extend the membrane’s life.
  3. Your water source is extremely hard. This will clog up the membrane with heavy calcification.  Adding a water softener will help greatly.
  4. If the drain water flow is somehow restricted or blocked, the system will not be able to expel unwanted contaminants from the RO membrane. This can cause the membrane to clog and reduce its life prematurely. Please check to make sure the drain water line is unhindered.

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