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Bad Taste To RO-CTOP Pure Water

If you are experiencing a bad taste in the Pure Water, the RO Membrane or Stage 2 or 4 Carbon filter may be depleted and needs to be replaced. Please follow the steps below to determine if the membrane or stages 2 and 4 carbon filters needs to be replaced.

  • Fill up a clean cup of water from the RO Unit.
  • Take a Pure Water TDS reading with the supplied TDS Digital Meter that came with the RO unit.
  • Fill up a second cup of water from the Tap.
  • Take a Tap Water TDS reading.
  • RO units are designed to remove 90-95% of Contaminants and Impurities. Please make sure the RO unit is removing this percentage.
  • If the unit is not removing 90-95%, please let us know your incoming water pressure is and when was the last time you replaced the Stage-1 & Stage-2 filters.
  • If the TDS is within range, but Bad Taste persists, the Stage 2 or Stage 4 Carbon filter maybe depleted and needs to be replaced.


If the issue was not addressed, please contact us at:
800-880-4808, or

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