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Are there any precautions needed when handling the membrane and the 5th stage TCR filter, during our regular reverse osmosis system’s maintenance?

The reverse osmosis membrane must never be handled by your bare hands. Our hands and skin contains bacteria, dirt and oil. This can damage the membrane and cause pre mature failure. You must use pliers when handling the membrane. Use a pair of pliers to grip onto the plastic tip of membrane, do not touch the leaves or blue outer wrapping of the membrane. Do not apply any beach or cleaning solution to the membrane in anyway.

The 5th stage TCR filter can generally be handled by your bare hands. Before reconnecting the plastic fittings at both ends of the 5th stage filter, you can apply some mild bleach solution to rinse the plastic fittings, tube ends and 2 ports on the filter. Make sure the Flow -> on the filter is pointing to the pure water output line.

You must discard the first 1-2 tanks of water as both the membrane and 5th stage filter needs to be flushed out before use. The 5th stage filter can release some carbon fines at first flush. This is normal and will quickly clear up after the first flush.

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