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APEC RO System: Permeate Pump Replacement

To replace the Permeate Pump on your RO system, please follow steps below:

  1. Turn off the feed water to the RO system. Close the tank’s ball valve by turning the blue cap on the tank ball valve 90 degrees. Turn on the RO spigot, lift lever up & lock –> this relieves the pressure in the RO system, making it easier to remove the lines connected to the Permeate Pump.
  2. See Diagram:  The Permeate Pump is mounted on the RO frame. There are 4 water lines connected to the 4 ports on the Permeate Pump, as shown below: 
    • Permeate In:           Lower CLEAR Line à Pure water from the Membrane enters the pump via this line.
    • Permeate Out:        Upper CLEAR Line à Pure water goes from the pump to tank via this line.
    • Brine In:                    Lower BLACK Line à rinse water from Membrane enters the pump via this line.
    • Brine Out:                 Upper BLACK Line à rinse water goes from pump to the drain via this line.
    • Arrow:                        Make sure “arrow” on pump is pointing upward after installation.
  1. Take the old pump out of its bracket.  Remove the 2 CLEAR lines first from old pump, reconnect them to the new pump’s “Permeate In” and “Permeate Out” ports.  Then remove the 2 BLACK lines, and reconnect them to the new pump’s “Brine In” and “Brine Out” ports.
  2. Make sure each line goes to the correct port as shown in the Diagram. Also, make sure the vertical arrow on the Pump is pointing UP after mounting.
  3. Each port is a “Quick-Connect” type fitting:  To remove line:  Press in and hold down on the small “collet” ring around the opening of the port, this will release the line. Pull line out while holding down the collet ring. To connect line:  Simply push line into the port tightly (don’t add inserts or Teflon tape).     
  4. After replacing the Pump, turn on feed water, open the tank valve. Re-start RO system as usual.

Permeate Pump Diagram

NOTE:  If you get no water after replacing the Pump, that means the lines did not go to the correct ports. Check and verify the line connections to fix such problem. Check for any leaks at pump ports!


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