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Air-Gap Faucet Hook-Up

There are 3 colored tubing on your Air-Gap faucet. At the end of each 1/4” tubing there is a “Quick Connect” fitting. The Quick Connect fitting is used to connect the Pure and Rinse water line from the RO unit to the Air Gap Faucet.

To connect the lines, simply insert each line into the fitting port tightly.


  1. Assemble the faucet: There is a plastic “filler tube” in the slot next to the faucet’s on/off black lever. Remove this filler-tube, and immediately insert the faucet spout into the slot to prevent the black lever from falling out of its socket. Do Not press down the black lever until the spout is inserted into the slot. 
  2. Please connect each tubing to your RO system and drain outlet as follows:
    • Blue 1/4” tubing: Connect the 1/4″ Blue line from the Air-Gap faucet to the RO’s 1/4″ Output CLEAR Line (which is hooked up to the Stage-5 filter output port). See Fig.1&2
    • Red 1/4” tubing: Connect the 1/4” Red line from the Air-Gap faucet to the RO’s 1/4″ BLACK Drain Line on your RO system. See Fig.1&2
    • Black 3/8” tubing: Connect the 3/8” Black line on the Air-Gap faucet to the new 3/8” Drain Saddle provided. See Fig.2

How rinsewater is disposed via Air-Gap faucet:

Rinse water is routed through the Air-Gap faucet prior to being drained off into the standard drainpipe outlet. The 1/4” BLACK rinse water line from the RO system will discharge through the 1/4” RED line to the Air-Gap faucet. The rinse water will then flow back down the 3/8” BLACK rinse water line of the Air-Gap faucet to your drain pipe.

Pure water output flow:

After the Air Gap faucet is installed, the RO pure water output line will flow from the Stage-5 filter, through the BLUE line of the Air-Gap faucet, to the dispensing faucet.

Figure 1

Figure 2

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