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How to Add an Auto-Shut-Off (ASO) Valve to RO-Perm System

Parts Included for Conversion:

  • 1 ASO Valve w/ Pre Inserted Tubing, Inserts and Compression Nuts.
  • 1 ASO Clip w/ Screw

To add the Auto-Shut-Off valve to the RO-Perm System, please follow steps below:

  1. Shut off the feed water and tank water: Turn off cold water supply. Close the tank’s ball valve by turning the blue lever 90 degrees.  Turn on the RO spigot, lift lever up & lock à this relieves the pressure in the RO system, making line removal easier.
  2. The Permeate pump is mounted on the RO frame. There are 4 ports on the Pump, See Fig. A below.  Each port connects to a water line:
    • Two Black lines at Brine In and Brine Out (on the left side of the pump)
    • Two Clear lines at Perm In and Perm Out (on the right side of the pump)
  3. Remove the Red Line from Point B to Point D. (keep Red tubing for future use)
  4. Connect the Red Tubing on ASO C1(In) to Point B, and Connect the Red Tubing on ASO C2(Out) to Point D. See Figure B.
    • The bottom of the ASO valve should be marked In & Out.
  5. Remove the Clear Line from Perm Out to Point F. See Fig. A (keep this Clear tubing for future use)
  6. Connect C3 To Perm Out, and Connect C4 to Point F on Stage 5 Filter. See Figure B.
    • It is possible to mount the ASO valve with the bracket provided as seen in Fig. B.
  7. Turn on feed water, and reopen Tank ball valve. Check For Leaks!
  8. Flush out current tank of water.
  9. Congratulations! You did it.

The diagram shows how the system is connected with the Auto Shut Off valve on the RO-Perm system.

RO-PERM System

(Figure A)

ASO With Permeate Pump

(Figure B)

There is problem with the image – stain-look when import to photoshop

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