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System Slow Shut-Off: Waste water runs for hours (6-7 hrs) – but Eventually Stops

The most common cause for “slow-shut-off” is insufficient input water pressure. RO needs
sufficient input pressure to shut off promptly.

–    Input water pressure too low (below 40psi). Not enough pressure to shut off RO promptly —>       Check input water pressure. If pressure is low, boost house pressure or add pump to RO.

–    Feed water valve partially blocked, not opened fully, reducing input water pressure to RO —>        Check and fix feed water valve, make sure it is opened fully to allow maximum pressure to RO.

–     Stages 1, 2, 3 pre-filters partially clogged, reducing the input water pressure in RO —> Check stage-1 filter to see if it’s very dirty. If this filter has turned brown or other color in just 1-3 months, that means your input water has very heavy sediments and other clogging agents. Need to replace stage-1 filter frequently.

–     RO busy feeding multiple output points —> If your RO feeds multiple outlets (icemaker,
bathroom, aquarium), the waste water will run as long as the RO is making water to fill the tank and other output points. In this case, it’s normal to hear waste water running.